August 18, 2010

A call for a coup d'etat in America

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On September 1, 1939, the world stood by and watched in horror as Hitler sent the German military into Poland. Just under a year later, on August 13, 1940, Germany began air raids against British military and industrial sites. Then, on December 7, 1941, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and America could no longer sit on the sidelines and watch the world self-destruct.

War is a terrible necessity. I spent four years in the United States Army from 1980 to 1984. I have been a hardcore patriotic supporter of the United States of America my entire life. For a speech contest in high school I defined myself by faith and patriotism. It is who I am. It is who I will always be. I cannot believe that the world has deteriorated to the point that I am actually having these thoughts and writing this post, but with God as my witness and history as my teacher there is no other realistic option if America is to survive another generation.

Iran cannot be allowed to have a fully functioning nuclear power-plant. I do not understand why Russia has helped them build one. Yet here we are. It is like a nightmare scenario from the deepest, darkest days of the Cold War when the Doomsday Clock seemed permanently locked at five minutes to midnight. The official time as I write this post is six minutes to midnight, but for the first time in my life I find myself in complete disagreement. By my reckoning we are one minute to midnight and the seconds are counting down.

We stand poised at the edge of a precipice. The current political leadership in both America and Iran has far too much in common with Hitler and his inner circle. There is far too much to lose if we allow Iran to have even a single functioning nuclear warhead. The rise to prominence of radical Islam, the positioning of radical Islamic clerics in every country in the world, and the growing detachment between the American government and the American people, when brought together beneath an American president who loves Islamic nations more than he loves his own, creates not a powder-keg, but an entire explosive tapestry reaching into every living-room in the world. If Iran has the capability to destroy an Israeli city with a single nuclear bomb they will not hesitate to use it. Their first target will probably be Tel Aviv.

We are going to war. Any day now. This power-plant must not be brought online. Someone must destroy it and Pres. Obama will not. Since he will not, Israel must. If Israel does not, then within months Tel Aviv will vanish beneath a mushroom cloud. The march to global war, and the inevitable early introduction of nuclear weaponry into that war, has now become unavoidable. If Iran is not stopped, then my children will raise their families in an Islamic world governed by Shari'a and corrupt, hypocritical, fundamentalist Muslim dictators. This must not be allowed to come to pass.

For the first time in my life I am faced with a horrible realization. There is only one force in the world that can prevent this holocaust. The American military must remove Pres. Obama, suspend Congress for ninety days, and use every means at their disposal to destroy Iran and reverse the rising tide of radical Islamic fundamentalists. If this means the transformation of the entire Middle East into a desert of radioactive green glass, then so be it.

The loss of Middle Eastern oil will interrupt but not destroy the onward march of civilization. There is oil enough in the Americas and in Siberia to fuel industrialized society for at least two more generations. More than long enough to bring alternative energy sources into their full maturity. That maturity will never be reached if the world falls under a global government dominated by radical Islamic clerics. The downfall of the glorious Muslim civilization of the eighth to sixteenth centuries was the direct result of radical Islamic leaders rising into positions of power and crushing all forms of individuality and innovation. History is very clear. An Islamic society ruled by open-minded moderates is as progressive and enlightened as any society ruled in accordance with any other ethical foundation. An Islamic society, or any society, ruled by fundamentalists is a dark age of oppression locked into a continuous cycle of decay.

If the Iranian plant that Russia has helped build is not destroyed, then within a decade our world will be a global theocracy ruled by Islamic fundamentalists. Yes. It really is that serious. History is very clear. We are now on the same threshold as Europe in 750 A.D. The only difference is that now the threshold covers the entire globe. If they are allowed to succeed, then our entire world will face the same intellectual, technological, and political decline that led to the darkest days in the history of the Caliphate. It was this period of decline that provided the opportunity for Europeans to launch their first successful crusade against the Islamic leaders of the area now controlled by Israel. Only after Saladin and his allies drove fundamentalists from key government and military positions were the Muslims able to regroup, reorganize, and re-invent their military into a force capable of expelling the Europeans. The entire time the Europeans held Anatolia and the Levant the Caliphate was in decline. It was as genuine a dark age as that experienced by any civilization ever known.

If the Iranians succeed and Israel is destroyed, the whole of the Middle East will fall into the same kind of fundamentalist nightmare that held the Caliphate from 929 A.D. to 1031 A.D. This time, fueled by cash reserves earned through a century of oil money and a chain of Russian-backed nuclear power plants that begin with this one in Bushehr, they will possess the ability to extend their hold over the entire globe. If they possess it, they will use it. As fundamental Muslims they will have no choice. If Allah grants them the power to control the world then they must exert that power and capture the globe. It is far more compelling than a divine right, it is a divine duty that cannot be refused.

This must be stopped. Pres. Obama will not stop it. He has bowed, grovelled, and apologized his way through the Middle East. He supports the building of a Victory Mosque two blocks from Ground Zero. When Israel destroys the Russian-built Bushehr nuclear power plant, Russia will retaliate and Pres. Obama will again grovel. This cannot be allowed to happen. It will be the beginning of the end for Western civilization. If Israel does not destroy the plant, then Iran will destroy Israel within five years, and probably within two, producing exactly the same result.

America must act. The only way for America to take action is for Pres. Obama and his supporters to be removed from the political scene. The only force capable of removing them is the American military. Therefore, the people's army must rise to the defense of the nation's people. There are no other options left. We must have a military coup d'etat and a short, fixed, non-extendable suspension of civilian government. Just long enough to destroy the ability of fundamentalist Islamic political and religious leaders to continue in their perversion of a beautiful, peace-loving religion.

There is no one else with the resources and the capability to reverse both the growth of fundamental Islam and the disproportionate influence of American Marxists. Our entire world sits at a deadly crossroads. This is the very last chance to reverse the onward march into a global tyranny of Marxists and Islamic fundamentalists.

If action is not taken and taken now, then your children and mine will raise their families in a world of oppression, tyranny, and gradual decay.