August 14, 2010

Progressive hypocrisy

Once again, the liberal progressive movement in America proudly and belligerently launches a campaign based on their honest assessment of your worth as a human being. Be forewarned, the lyrics in this song are unsafe for the office, gentle adults, and small children.

Oh, and just to show their marketing savvy is on par with their creativity, they have a whole new line of products: F*ck Tea.

They proudly proclaim they are the only true American party and they do so by belittling the most popular grassroots movement in America. Does no one see a problem with this? Are they really so arrogant and condescending that they honestly believe the way to succeed in America is by humiliating American people, American traditions, and American values? How is it that a group of individuals who claim to be open-minded, loving, and compassionate can create both a song and a marketing campaign so clearly and obviously based on pure collective hatred? Is this their idea of bringing utopia? If it is, just what kind of utopia are they proposing?

And it's not just a corny logo and a nasty song aimed at a national and international markets. No, even on the local level they are engaged in deception, condescension, and distortion: AFSCME's Misleading Tax Attack

I really dislike campaigns based on mudslinging, deception, and overt condescension. Sometimes they come from the right, sometimes they come from the left, and sometimes they come from the center. I don't care where such campaigns come from, they disgust me.

Life is not fair. Life will never be fair. The one advantage the human animal has over the rest of life on Earth is that we recognize this basic unfairness. Not only do we recognize it, we can do something none of the other animals can do, we can rise above it. The key to rising above the animal nature in all of us is honor, that long lost value that is far too often credited with insane duels to the death and the murder of family members who behave in ways the family disagrees with. Honor killings, like the brutal running down of Noor Almaleki by her father, or the horrible double-murder of Amina and Sarah Said have nothing to do with "honor". These brutal acts by insane individuals have nothing to do with Islam, nothing to do with honor, and everything to do with the most dangerous forms of narcissism. Killing your daughter or wife because they stop obeying you is a dishonorable act of such magnitude that it is impossible for it to somehow magically restore your lost reputation. There is no act more dishonorable for a father or a husband to engage in. None whatsoever.

On the surface, honor killings and political mudslinging are disconnected. The creators of F*ck Tea would ridicule anyone who attempted to connect their campaign with radical Islam, and yet both agendas spring from the same delusional thinking. Both honor killings and political mudslinging are based on the assumption that one individual, or one group of individuals, is inherently wiser, inherently more knowledgeable, and inherently more competent to make personal decisions than the objects of their wrath. The F*ck Tea campaign arises from the assumption that anyone who disagrees with the liberal progressive agenda is stupid, ignorant, highly prejudiced, and capable of violence. The perpetrator of an honor killing assumes his wife or daughter is stupid, ignorant, deceived, and determined to destroy the reputation of the family. These are both examples of extreme narcissism, the absolute belief that the narcissist is inherently better than their victim.

Is it any wonder that both President Obama and New York's Mayor Bloomberg support the construction of a Victory Mosque a mere two blocks from the site of the worst terrorist strike carried out on American soil in our nation's history? And that they do so on the basis of a liberal progressive interpretation of the First Amendment?

What? You don't like the expression "Victory Mosque"? Okay, but don't take my word for it, listen to what Muslims are saying:

Wafa Sultan: A Mosque at Ground Zero Equals Victory

Can you not see the parallels? Do you not understand why I wrote "The Final Unholy Alliance"? If conservative Americans who believe in God, guns, and family are the ones with small, hate-filled minds, then why are the liberal progressive politicians jumping into bed with radical Muslims? If both groups are not bent on destroying America, then why is it they are often in full agreement on issues such as Shari'a law and the Victory Mosque?

Back in 1985, before my first child was born, my wife and I lived in a small apartment in a Tokyo neighborhood called "Koenji". For about eight months our neighbors were a Muslim fellow from Pakistan and his Japanese wife, who had converted to Islam in order to marry him. Very nice people the both of them. My wife and I often joined them for Pakistani curry, and we often treated them to sushi. While I was in Nihonmatsu teaching English to volunteers for the Japan International Cooperation Agency, I worked with an American woman married to a Muslim from India. Naturally she had converted to Islam in order to marry him. They had me over to their place for dinner a couple times and I treated them to dinner at Denny's a couple times. I could go on and on. I have dozens of such stories. I long ago lost count of how many Muslim acquaintances I have had down through the years. I am not a racist, nor am I a bigot.

I am, however, a fiscal and political conservative. I believe in a small government on a limited budget that restricts itself to keeping the domestic peace and managing international relations. I believe in spending money on police forces, fire departments, infrastructure, the military, and the most minimal commercial law enforcement we can possibly get away with. I'm not looking for a utopia because I don't believe one is possible. We should not be wasting public money in an effort to completely prevent bad things from happening, nor should we be spending public money in some vain attempt to "equalize" everyone's standard of living. I feel for the victims of crime and those who fall through the cracks of capitalism. Helping them is a personal responsibility I make every effort to fulfill. It is not and never should be a government responsibility. Every time the government works to eliminate poverty and prejudice the end result is that society and civilization quickly collapse under the weight of an oppressive and tyrannical bureaucracy. History does not know a single exception to this rule.

Right now, here in the United States, we are collapsing under the same sort of tyrannical bureaucracy that destroyed Sumer, the Akkadian Empire, the Persian Empire, the Greek city-states, the Roman Empire, the first Chinese Empire, and every other great civilization that has flourished and passed into the dustbin of history. Right now government workers outside the reach of Congressional sub-committees are determining how much water, electricity, and natural gas an individual house can use and will be implementing those regulations starting in spring of 2011. There are already regulations for how much gasoline your car burns, how hot your shower can be, how many amps per square foot your house can draw, what price local farmers can receive for milk, and what you can do with your own private property. Progressives have spent a full century building their utopia and yet every year things get worse, poverty expands, and taxes go up.

The progressive agenda has failed miserably. They know it, you know it, and I know it. Because they cannot rely on a history of successes, they must resort to mudslinging, deception, and an unholy alliance with radical terrorists of all stripes. If you see a candidate of either party resorting to threats and humiliation over the next few months, recognize right away that you are looking at a candidate who has no facts, no successes, and no substance to their campaign. Whoever that candidate is, vote against them regardless of their party affiliation. Their lack of substance clearly shows that they have no intention of supporting you and every intention of pursuing their own selfish agenda, an agenda intended to marginalize you and if possible, prevent your voice from ever being heard.

If you owned a company and someone you were interviewing for a new hire insulted you, humiliated you, and belittled you, would you hire that person? Candidates are campaigning for office, policy think-tanks like CAIR and CFAP are campaigning for your mind, while every religion in the world is campaigning for your soul. If any of them tell you that you are too stupid, too simpleminded, too prejudiced, or too ignorant to appreciate their work, then why would you support them?

There will always be people filled with hatred. Ultimately, all external hatred is self-hatred, and contrary to common belief, all self-hatred is a form of narcissism. When people love themselves so strongly they cannot tolerate any flaw, then their love has become self-loathing and it will be reflected in their opinion of the world. If it festers long enough, they will lash out at anyone close to them.

Real honor begins with recognizing what is good within you. Find the good and let it be reflected in your treatment of others. Real honor is about honesty, compassion, respect, and a full understanding that every action has a consequence. Faith, because it carries with it an assumption that you are not the center of the universe regardless of how you perceive the world, is the only true foundation for real honor. Genuine faith begins in the heart and is reflected in the behavior of the believer. That is why real honor springs forth from the well of faith and cannot come from any other source.

Radicals of all stripes, whether religious or atheist, base their sense of honor on a firm belief that their perceptions do not lie and that they are indeed the center of the universe. That is why the honor of radicals demands the debasement of anyone who does not agree with them. They believe the lie that the universe revolves around them and because they believe it, they see themselves as better than anyone else. All radicals carry a set of elitist assumptions and they will seek to surround themselves with other elitists. Since everyone around them agrees with their assessment of the world outside their inner circle, they assume that anything the inner circle agrees on is true, regardless of any facts to the contrary. This is why they quickly become delusional. The inner circle reinforces the belief that any contrary fact must be false and this is what has happened to the progressive movement in America. This is why they can rewrite history and still honestly believe that their version of history is the true one. The facts are no longer important, only the agenda.

I do not hate the progressive movement. I do not hate terrorists. I hate the way these two groups are working together to destroy America tradition, American values, and the American way of life. I do not believe that America is, by definition, always right. Yet, I cannot deny that up until 9/11, America and the American people always fought to defend the weak and help the helpless. We entered Afghanistan to correct a great wrong and bring liberty to an oppressed people. To this day, I do not know why we entered Iraq. I do know that from the day the United States shelved Afghanistan and launched an invasion of Iraq the two most dangerous factions in today's world, Marxism and Islamic fascism, have joined forces and are focusing their efforts on destroying us.

I won't call it a conspiracy, but I will call it the most dangerous threat this nation has ever faced. If we fail to remove the progressive element from Congress in November, 2010, it is entirely possible that nothing and no one will be able to prevent a civil war within our boundaries. I am not seeking to create such a civil war, I am struggling to prevent one.