September 14, 2010

Israel begins preparing for war

At first glance, the video above seems nothing more than a racist effort to create a pure Jewish homeland. However, there are a couple of important subtexts that need pointing out:

1> Many Jews and Jewish politicians object to this policy
2> It only applies to children not enrolled in school who don't speak Hebrew

Then there is also this:
Y-Net Op-ed: Who are the Palestinians?
AFP: Hamas says peace talks are "humiliating and degrading"
AFP: Clinton resuming "last chance" peace talks
Sydney Morning Herald: Urgent moves to avert peace talks failure
CNN: U.S. Preparing massive arms deal for Saudi Arabia
CNN: Three Palestinians dead in shelling
UPI: Iran's "invisible man" runs terror network
Arab News: Assad says peace with Israel "hard to imagine"
American Thinker: Reaping the whirlwind

Right from the very beginning Pres. Obama has clearly communicated that in the Middle East his first loyalty is to the Palestinian Arabs because he considers them an oppressed people. Of the hundreds of references to Israel and the Palestinians in speeches and interviews only once has he clearly stated that there is a long and beneficial relationship between the United States and Israel and even then he stopped short of dedicating himself to the defense of Israel should the surrounding nations attack. The Jewish people and their elected representatives are not fools. They know that Pres. Obama does not support them, nor does he support their right to exist. In the event of a coordinated attack on Israel he will not immediately leap to their defense. He will delay an American response as long as he can in the hope that the Jewish nation will be destroyed long before American forces can be sent to their aid.

The Jewish people are expecting the peace talks to fail. After the talks fail, they expect to be attacked. What we are seeing in Israel is an effort to quietly draw together and tighten their ranks in preparation for a war that now appears to be inevitable. Biblical and Qu'ranic prophecy aside, a war between Israel and the surrounding Arab nations here and now would have a polarizing effect on the world at large. Anti-semitic neo-Nazi groups throughout Europe and the United States would be galvanized in opposition to any move on behalf of their governments to assist Israel. They would be joined by local Muslim communities that in some European countries now make up nearly one-third of the total population. Al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah would immediately take up arms in support of their Arab financial backers and execute terror strikes throughout the Western World. The Unholy Alliance I wrote about back in June would immediately spring into action with a massive propoganda campaign in support of the Arabs and Palestinians. Our entire world would be at war with itself. Your neighbors and friends would suddenly be your enemies and violent confrontations would break out in local bars, offices, and shopping malls.

There is no way to overestimate the damage such a conflict would have on our modern world. We can only underestimate it. Oil exports from the Middle East would slow to a trickle and possibly stop altogether, bringing trade and industry worldwide to a complete halt. Food, clothing, and even building supplies would become scarce commodities. Water pumps feeding towns and cities throughout the industrialized world would grind to a halt. When the dust finaly settled and the smoke cleared, China would be the only nation left with a stable economy and a standing army of any size.