September 30, 2010


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YouTube Video of Megan Kelly: DOJ Whistleblower Claims Massive Voter Fraud Approved by Adminstration
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Sam Samford Video: Stan Jones, "Communist World Government is Coming"

And now that I have gathered these here for your reading and viewing pleasure, I am going to go play City of Heroes.

I have done everything in my power to provide the modern world the information it needs to face the next ten years. For seven years I have kept this blog. There are 336 posts. Some of them are silly, some of them are serious, but all of them are honest. I have given the world everything I have to offer. About 15 people a day visit this blog. Probably they are all different. According to the new "stats" tab that Blogger has provided, over the past two months 1,706 people from a dozen countries have stopped in to see what I have to say. I am overwhelmed.

But mostly, right now I am on vacation and probably should be concentrating on emptying my mind of politics, business, the collapsing economy, and the future of humanity. Someone I haven't heard from in over two months sent me an article today called "UN Report says "Humanity at Risk" if Climate Problems are Not Tackled".

The real point of all this randomness is quite simple: The Earth will kill off people long before people are powerful enough to kill off the Earth.

Sorry folks, but dem's da facts! The Earth is not in danger. If we screw the system up enough, we will die off completely and some other species will evolve to take our place. Why do I believe this? Because I believe in both science and divinity. There is a master plan unfolding right before our very eyes. Our individual choices have a profound influence on how that plan unfolds, but all six billion of us together are still not powerful enough to stop it from unfolding.

The future is in God's hands. Our sacred duty is to earn our place in that future, not in the sense of heaven and hell and judgement, but in the sense of building a society open enough and productive enough to carry humanity beyond the confines of our homeworld. If we cannot accomplish this one task, then God will try a different form of sentience and he will keep trying until he succeeds.

If he has to, he will wipe the slate and start over again. That is, after all, his perogative.

So as you go about your daily lives, as you work, play, make love, make war, find new friends, and create new enemies, try to keep in mind that if humanity cannot break free from the bonds of Earth and our miniscule solar system, then we have no real future at all! Your life, my life, each individual life holds the absolute key to carrying our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren into the vastness of infinite space. Out there, among the stars, galaxies, and universes, there is no limit to how many people can survive and how long our species can carry forward. If you are not doing something to help us break free of Gaia's loving embrace, then you are contributing to our eventual doom.

Make your choices count. In your personal life, in the lives of your friends and family, and in the lives of your community. Not because it is right or moral, but because if you do not live your live in honesty and service then you condemn yourself to an early grave and you condemn your descendents to a certain and most unpleasant death when our Sun finally expands enough to transform Earth into a global desert.

The future of humanity lies in the choices you make every single day. Like it or not, everything rests on your individual shoulders. Theist or atheist, Marxist or Jeffersonian, none of that really matters. The only thing that really matters is how honestly you live your life and how well you serve the people around you. There is no other reality worth considering. None whatsoever.