September 27, 2010

Things have quieted down

...or so it seems.

I have been in Japan for about ten days now. I am not at all happy to be here. So far I have been drafted into unpacking boxes and boxes of personal items that do not belong to me and that I will never use. Twice I have been dragged down to an open stadium and made to watch professional baseball games in the rain. Although, the first time we did leave early. Not yesterday, though. Yesterday we stayed until the very end. Last time I spent that much time sitting in rain for no reason at all I was in the Army. I don't even like professional sports, let alone Japanese baseball.

It's not a total loss. I did buy a new camera. It's waterproof down to about 20 feet, mildly shockproof, and has a titanium case. I got a 32 GB Smart Card to go with it, which will allow about 7000 pictures or 10 hours of video at the highest quality settings on the camera. Now all I have to do is find something worth recording!