October 05, 2010

This is the final hour

Glenn Beck brings to the forefront what most of us already know: this is the final hour, the final season of choice. November's election will transform our country for another generation, maybe two. Will we transform it into a land of limited government where individuals can reach for the stars or collapse into obscurity with equal ease, or will we transform it into a land where the majority live on the edge of survival while an educated elite dictates every moment of their waking life?

There is no utopia. Will we choose a dystopian future that allows individuals of skill, drive, and initiative to succeed, or will we choose a dystopia with government domination of daily life? There will always be the poor, the unfortunate, and the foolish but only one future will insure that those who have the will to succeed will also have the freedom to do so. The ideology of progressivism has a track record of consistent failure. The ideology of freedom has a track record of stunning successes broken by the occasional dismal failure. Both futures will bring pain and suffering because pain and suffering is part and parcel of the human condition. There is no way to avoid it.

The one thing you can do is this: you can choose a future that allows success and rewards those who succeed. Then through hard work and dedication you can participate in that same system of success and reward. It won't be heaven on earth, but it will be far better than the hell that progressivism has always produced.

Progress isn't progress because no one is left behind. Progress is progress because those who have the drive and ability to move forward also have the freedom to do so and having done so, they are allowed to keep the rewards they earn. "Progressivism" with it's promise of utopia achieved through total control and total elimination of the rewards of hard work and ambition is not "progress" at all. It is a return to feudalism where birth determines who has access to the fruits of everyone else's hard work.