December 04, 2010

2012 is fast approaching

I'm looking around at today's diverse political landscape and to my own surprise, I am delighted at what I see. Despite the fact that we are heading into a complete and total collapse of the global economy (or maybe because of it) I find I am truly privileged to be witnessing the growth of what could become the most critical presidential race in over a century.

In the days and weeks ahead there will be thousands of "experts" cheering for their favorites and working hard to convince you and I who should be the next president. To be honest, up until this morning I couldn't care less what the experts were saying. However, all that changed when I read this:

Big Journalism: WikiLeaks Useful Idiots

Very, very interesting. Hands down the most interesting response to the WikiLeaks fiasco I have yet encountered. Inspiring, really.

I've decided.

For the Democratic ticket I want to see Hilary Clinton and starting today I will do everything in my limited power to make it happen.

For the Republican ticket I want to see Sarah Palin and starting today I will do everything in my limited power to make it happen.

The Tigeress and the Mama Grizzly. Now that would an epic face-off!

I have chosen my preferred candidates. Now comes the hard part.


As a footnote, watch this video. It demonstrates clearly why finding a way out of this mess is so important. Capitalism and free markets have brought us the healthiest, longest-living, wealthiest world in history and even though inequalities exist, they are the exception to the rule.