January 07, 2011

I guess I'll keep it

I've been trying to come up with a more appropriate theme for where I see my life headed over the next eighteen months. I mulled over mathematics themes, scientific themes, financial themes, writing themes, and artistic themes, but in the end I came up blank. I'm not just talking about color and design. Around mid-November I began to feel my "meandering mind" idea was no longer valid but I've been unable to come up with a title and photography relevant to where I see myself focusing on over the next year and a half. For starters, I will probably never write another game post. Gaming does not have the relevance it once had for me and I've pretty much settled on City of Heroes and nothing else. I still get regular beta invites, but nothing coming down the pike offers the same level of creativity and the same ease of avoiding PvP. For some reason as game sales plummet and a greater percentage of "gamers" leave off gaming entirely for Second Life or any of the hundreds of similar user-generated virtual worlds, game designers become more and more convinced that the reason they are failing is because they don't offer dynamic, brutal, uncontrolled PvP combat. You'd think they'd realize that if social environments are stealing their customers then what users are looking for is better social tools and less competition, but like buggy whip makers of a century ago they just cannot accept the facts unfolding around them.

So where do I see myself focusing in the coming years? Firearms, consitutionalism, limited government, more historical studies, and a greater emphasis on writing. I must finish a novel this year and I'd prefer to finish several. Working within the existing political system to prevent my homeland from collapsing into anarchy or launching into tyranny is essential to insuring that when I do finish there will still be a civilized society interested in reading. Personal firearms are the key component in achieving a higher level of civilization while at the same time reducing the size, scope, and expense of government. On one level, this year and next will be all about "personal empowerment", but that phrase has been so twisted and perverted by modern spin doctors that it is now essentially meaningless.

I guess, to a great extent, that is why I wound up keeping this blog despite two months of searching around for a better theme. The English language has been so corrupted by commercial advertising that all of our most powerful metaphors are now empty shells that anyone, anywhere can dump any meaning they like into and then parade it around as new and exciting. Even the word "modern", simple concept that it is, now creates images of chairs, clothes, shoes, and glass-fronted skyscrapers in the minds of most people rather than greater simplicity through innovation. "Modern" no longer applies to science and technology in any meaningful way, nor does it apply to ideas and philosophy. It has no cultural value outside of consumer-driven crass materialism. Such a waste, really. It is shameful how such a powerful concept has been reduced to such idiocy.

So, there we have it. I guess I'll be keeping this blog after all. I've changed the graphic theme, and I'm going to have to get a better portrait, but beyond that, only time will tell. Maybe it's better this way. There are over three hundred and fifty posts prior to this one. That's a lot of history for a casual blogger like myself. Some folks might consider it extra baggage. Most of those folks have spent their entire lives trying to hide the baggage they carry around every single day. I like my baggage. It reminds me of all the lessons I've learned the hard way, lessons that are far too important to forget.