January 09, 2011

Rep. Giffords, her assassin, and the media

I learned of this tragedy at about eight o'clock last night. I spent yesterday researching ion propulsion drives, finally had a meal at a local restaurant at three in the afternoon, bought a couple Morgan dollars at my local coin shop, and dropped by my favorite local pub to silence the clamoring inside my head with some single malt neuron toxins. Just as I was finally achieving that pleasant nirvana of semi-comatose, somebody mentioned the events in Tucson. I dug out my Android, sent the AI wandering cyberspace, and it came back with several hundred angry progressive bloggers denouncing a "Tea Party" terrorist named "Jerod". After a slurred scolding, the AI headed back out again into the electronic wilderness and produced an equal number of news reports, most of them mere repeats of an AP wire release that went out sometime around noon.

My prayers are with Rep. Giffords as she heals, with the grieving families of the slain, and with the dozen wounded in the massacre. Nineteen victims of a single, insane gunman is a massacre. Although I am horrified and repulsed by his actions, at least he hit what he was aiming at. To my mind (in the clear, sober light of the next day), there is no justification for taking a Glock, attacking a politician you disagree with, and then turning your ire on the surrounding crowd. None whatsoever. I wish his aim had been more in line with his sanity and the only wounds were minor scratches and abrasions from flying chips of masonry.

This was an act of a delusional, narcissistic madman who never should have been allowed near a gun. Obviously he lied on the standard ATF Form 4473 about his mental state and his history of treatment. Criminals lie, break the law, purchase guns illegally, and then use them against innocents. Adding more laws to the books will not change the simple reality that criminals ignore the law. I cannot help but wonder why, in Arizona of all places, there were not armed citizens in the crowd who could have taken him down the moment he fired the first shot. Rep. Giffords would still be hospitalized, but the other victims would be alive and uninjured. Where were the armed citizens who could have stepped up and stopped this madness the moment it began? This massacre is a clear example of why we need more law-abiding citizens who own, maintain, train with, and carry a personal firearm. They are our first line of defense against lunatics like this "Jerod" fellow.

In closing, according to material gathered at NewsBuzz.org this fellow was a died-in-the-wool collectivist intent on killing a moderate democrat who did not support his radical beliefs and agenda. He was not a Tea Party patriot inspired by Sarah Palin. There is at this time zero evidence to support the irrational and immediate outburst by so many bloggers, commentators, and "experts" that this fellow was inspired by Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. All of the real-world evidence shows exactly the opposite. Politicizing this tragedy is treasonous and far more repulsive than the act itself, which is so horrifying all on its own that I cannot understand why so many people skipped right over grief and into condemnation.

Hey all you crazy progressives, one of your people took out a moderate whose primary aim in life was to form a bridge between your extremist views and mine, so stop blaming my people every time one of your lunatics pulls a trigger or sets off a bomb.