February 20, 2011

Corruption at the very top?

According to AP Texas News, a plane owned by a financial supporter of Hilary Clinton and President Obama's appointee to the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiation has been impounded in Congo near the eastern border with Rwanda. The man who owns the plane also owns the company that leased the plane for this trip and his brother was the plane's pilot. The Congolese government accuses the people on board the plane of attempting to illegally remove $20 million in gold from their nation along with several million in cash.

Kase Lawal owns both the plane and the company that leased it. His brother Mickey Lawal and a diamond merchant from Houston named Edward St. Mary were onboard the plane. Both of these men were active fundraisers for Hilary Clinton during her presidential campaign and both are described as "close family friends" of the Clintons. Although there does not seem to be any direct financial profit for the Clintons or Pres. Obama, it is still curious that their close friends would be involved. According to the AP Texas article, the two are claiming that a Kenyan company (yes, that's right, Kenya is the country Pres. Obama's father is from) named Vadagama had attempted to defraud them by selling them the gold then moving it secretly to the Congo. When the two took action against Vadagama, it revealed the location of the gold and they went there to pick it up.

So what is going on here? Is this just a couple of rich fools who fell for a version of the ancient "Nigerian scheme"? Does this connect in anyway whatsoever with any plans being formulated by Pres. Obama or Hilary Clinton for their campaigns in 2012? Is this an example of high level corruption or good old-fashioned foolishness? The timing of this little misadventure might be purely coincidental, or this might be one small piece of a much larger strategy by a close-knit economic elite to keep Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton in positions of power so that they can more easily manipulate the global market for their own selfish gain.

Someone, perhaps the Congolese, Nigerian, and Kenyan governments or perhaps Interpol itself, needs to conduct a careful investigation into this matter. If it does connect directly back to Pres. Obama and Sec. Clinton, then perhaps even the F.B.I. needs to get involved so that any relevant criminal charges can be brought against them. No one is above the law in today's world. Neither the President of the United States nor a rich oil man born in Nigeria with ties to the President's ancestoral homeland of Kenya have the legal right to defraud a national government and use the wealth gained from that fraud to manipulate politics for their own benefit.