February 23, 2011

No enemies, only necessities

Cincinnati.com: Bigger Union Protest Expected on Tuesday
Channel 9 News: Unions Rally in Colorado

Rancor is running at all-time high. Partisan politics has become a raging river of boiling anger with battle lines drawn on a basis that is supposedly fiscal but seems to shift with every changing wind.

Reality check time: Total debt per U.S. family is $682,638 and rising steadily

While it is entirely true that around 5% of America's citizens control around 80% of the nation's wealth, even if we combine all of that five percent's total assets and confiscate everything they own it will not be enough to pay off the interest on our national debt, let alone the principal. So we can stop assuming that by somehow raising taxes on the rich we will pay off our debt and live happily ever after.

The rich are not the enemy.
The unions are not the enemy.
The political class is not the enemy.
And the working class is not the enemy, either.

The astronomic debt that we as a nation have spent a century building is the real enemy. If we allow ourselves to keep this insanity going we won't have to worry about Al Qaeda or China, or anyone else, we will implode.

So the unions can stop blaming the rich and the rest of us can stop blaming the unions. With all due apology, and I am truly sorry, union workers in all branches of government are going to have to take steep reductions in pay and benefits. Not only will they have to take reductions in their livelihood, many of them will have to be fired, retired, or otherwise eliminated from the payroll. I suppose if somebody wants to work for free we should allow them to, but I suspect that will be extraordinarily rare.

We have no choice people. We are drowning in debt. Government spending must be halved and it might even have to be cut 60 or 70 percent. How to do that is the responsibility of our elected officials. I can promise you this much, everyone I vote for in every election from now until the day I die will be someone who promises to cut government spending no matter who it hurts.