April 03, 2011

George Soros, Grains, and Guns

The mystery starts here:
Cerebus Capital Management
Soros Fund Management Buys Citigroup and Monsanto

Red flags really started going off when I read this:
AWB Snares Gavilon
Gavilon to Buy Union Elevator

George Soros now controls two industries on two continents: grain and guns. This could be very good but it is probably very bad. In times of food shortage people tend to get violent. Now that George Soros controls both grain and guns, he can control how much of each reaches the market. While it is true that he still has competitors, he now controls enough of both industries to swing the entire world back and forth between food shortages and wars fought over food for as long as he desires.

The only way to counter his ability to increase the amount of chaos in the world is for individuals and families to do everything in their power to become self-sufficient. There is a book out that I would highly recommend everyone read: The Backyard Homestead: Produce all the food you need on just a quarter acre!. This book show quite clearly how anyone living in a city neighborhood can use their small house lot to take themselves dramatically closer to food independence then most people realize. It does not take much land to feed a single family. It just takes sweat, careful planning, and determination. Simple things like substituting fruit trees for decorative trees and berry bushes for decorative shrubbery can make a huge difference in your monthly grocery bill. It also has the benefit of enabling you to know exactly where your food comes from and how it was grown.

The world is being manipulated into a time of great chaos and George Soros is one (and only one!) of the puppetmasters pulling the strings. The more independent you can make yourself, the less impact that chaos will have on you. Grow your own food, keep a good stock of firearms and ammo (and learn how to use them effectively!), and add some silver or gold to your personal wealth. It doesn't have to be much. If the chaos is less severe than I am expecting, you will have gained a lower grocery bill and some financial security while the only thing you will have lost is time spent watching your favorite television programs. If the chaos gets totally out of hand, you will be in a position to help your friends and family weather the storm.

When powerful men put themselves in a position to profit more from chaos than they can from times of peace then the rest of us need to stand up and take notice because sooner or later those men will do everything in their power to bring chaos and maximize their profits.