April 04, 2011

MSNBC, the Qur'an, the Bible, and global insanity

MediaIte: Hardball|Koran Burning is Worse than Burning a Bible

I really don't have time for this today, but the insanity that is passing for "coverage" in our modern media has got to stop. Some crazy pastor in Florida burns a Qur'an, a bunch of insane criminals in Afghanistan respond by killing U.N. "Peacekeepers", and suddenly the entire western world is agonizing over who is at fault and what could have been done to prevent it.

No one is at fault and nothing could have been done to prevent it!

The time for guilt and fear has ended. There is no reality behind either of those emotional responses to this very real, very insane scenario. No one alive can rationally analyze the actions of violent criminals without invoking their own personal prejudices and presumptions. To do so would be a complete violation of human nature. That is why casting blame on one party or another is not the answer. Everyone involved shares in the blame when insanity is allowed to run rampant and inherent prejudices produce violent acting out. Trying to deflect blame from one side by assigning it to the other does not resolve the problem when two insane groups decide to go to war. Mediation, diplomacy, and negotiation only become feasible strategies when both parties are objective and inclined to look for common ground. Before that point can be reached, the violence must be stopped cold. Sadly, sometimes the only way to stop a violent crowd is to start shooting. And yes, I realize that opening fire on an inflamed mob can start a cycle of violence with widespread repercussions. Well, if history teaches us anything at all it teaches us that sometimes people will not see reason until they have burned their own village to the ground right along with every village around them.

We stand, here and now, on the cusp of a world war. Utopia-seeking political radicals have subverted the democratic process in every modern western country and gained control of both western politics and western economics. In the Middle East, utopia-seeking religious radicals have accomplished the same thing. The first step in unwinding this mess is to remove the radicals from power and since they are disinclined to leave, the application of superior firepower might be necessary to dislodge them.

The lunatics are now in charge of this asylum and it is beginning to appear there is no turning back. Maybe you believe in a divine armageddon followed by a theocratic utopia, maybe you believe in a global insurrection followed by a secular utopia. Either way, at this point in time it might be too late to stop the insanity of those who not only believe in one of these mythical utopias they desire it far and above anything our modern world has to offer.

If the modern media stops choosing sides, if Marxists disguised as "big-hearted liberals" can be removed from power in the west, if the Arab and Persian nations will use the recent turmoil to institute societies based on genuine freedom of thought, then there is a very slim window of opportunity to derail this train before it plummets headlong into a ravine.

I am not optimistic.