June 19, 2011

Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee asks about "Christian militants"

First, see the video linked below. Watch it in it's entirety and listen carefully to Rep. Jackson-Lee. Notice how she struggles to frame her remarks. Notice how Rep. King jumps in and cuts her off just as she finally gets around to making her real point.

Rep. Jackson-Lee asks about "Christian militants" during anti-Muslim hearing | Raw Replay

So far, everyone who has responded to Rep. Jackson-Lee has completely missed the point! Her remarks about "Christian militants" were not her main point. They were intended as minor introductory remarks, but she screwed it up and ran out of time. It strikes me that her real point was to defend the Nation of Islam and disassociate them from Arabic Islamist organizations like Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

That is the real discussion media commentators and even we the voting public need to be having now. That is the real discussion she was trying to get started.

No, I am not defending the Nation of Islam. I am merely pointing out that 99% of the responses to her remarks are completely irrelevant. "Christian militants" are an irrelevancy here.

Should we disassociate the Nation of Islam from Arabic groups and by doing so, grant them social, cultural, and legal legitimacy? That is the real question.