June 13, 2011

While the U.S. is absorbed with Casey and Weiner...

...the Middle East is sliding toward nuclear war.

JTA: Iran Opens Confab on Israel's Nuclear Ambiguity
FARS: Iran's Nuclear Confab Slams US as Lead Violator of NPT
Turkish Weekly: Israel Using Nukes as Tool to Threaten Neighbors
Tehran Times: Will US Forment War Between India and China?
South Asia Analysis Group: Iran in the Strategic Matrix of Russia, China, and India

World War One began when a Serbian nationalist assassinated the Archduke of Austria-Hungary and his wife during a entourage in Sarajevo. By year-end the entire continent was embroiled in a stalemate of trench warfare that eventually gave birth to chemical weapons, tanks, and fighter planes. One of the key contributing factors to both the headlong rush into massive warfare and the devastating result was strategic positioning in the decade before the Archduke's assassination. The exact same kind of strategic positioning that Iran, China, Russia, Turkey, and Venezuela have spent the past decade engaging in.

I don't have time today to drag out all the details and articles that lead me to believe the Middle East is headed straight for nuclear war. The links above are just the most recent of hundreds of news articles over the past five years that show relations between those five countries growing closer, more militant, and more strategically important. When the UN reconvenes in September one of the first issues all five are planning to bring to the General Assembly is the status of Palestine. As the articles above clearly demonstrate, these five are working together to paint the United States and Israel as the worst enemies facing the modern world. Either through incompetence or intent, Pres. Obama's constant diplomatic bumbling has added fuel to the fire by presenting the American President as being out of touch with both his country and the world at large.

Stock up on food, water, batteries, and ammunition. There are storm clouds forming on the horizon and it's going to be a bad one.

Quick update on June 15, 2011:

Sides are rapidly falling out in the Middle East. It is no surprise to me that Pakistan has chosen the side of the terrorists.

NYT: Pakistan Arrests CIA Informants in Bin Laden Raid

I don't have time today to go into detail, but here are some excellent books about Pakistan's ambivalence in the war on terror: