June 05, 2011

World War Three

The third world war began with the Munich Massacre at the 1972 Summer Olympics. No one realized it at the time, but this was the first of a long series of brutal, barbaric attacks against innocents by radical Islamic terrorists. This conflict took an unexpected turn when back in January a series of populist uprisings spread throughout the Arab world. Six months after they started some of these protests are resulting in brutal crackdowns while others are resulting in overturned regimes. In addition to sweeping nationalist movements, every single one of these protests has resulted in people taking to the streets bearing Palestinian flags while shouting angry slogans against Israel and the United States. Commentators and op-ed writers have begun falling out into two distinct, diametrically opposed camps. One camp believes on faith alone that this is the beginning of a newer, freer, more democratic Arab world while the other points to the rising frequency of anti-semitic speeches by populist leaders. Here are a few examples from both sides of the spectrum:

Times of Oman: In the Middle East, Who Cares What Obama Says?
National Post: Harper Courageously Defies Obama
SF Chronicle: Netanyahu Undermines Israel's Quest for Peace

Just this morning, the borders around Israel again erupted in violence:

Globe and Mail: 20 Dead as Israeli Troops Open Fire Along Syrian Border
CNN: Israel Fires at Protestors in Golan Heights
Reuters: Israeli Forces Fire on Golan Heights Protestors
Gulf News: Unrest in the Middle East

I cannot yet say for certain where all of this is headed. I don't know if Revelations 13 is set to arrive before year-end or if the people of the Middle East are truly set to join the modern world. Much depends on the role played by the Muslim Brotherhood as the political systems throughout the Arab world regain their stability. Despite their non-violence pledge, the Muslim Brotherhood did begin life as a terrorist organization targeting both British overlords and Jewish settlers in post-World War Two Palestine. Many of today's most violent groups trace their roots straight back to the Muslim Brotherhood and regularly express their alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood's political goals. I personally cannot imagine peace in the Middle East if the Muslim Brotherhood manages to gain control of even a single Arab country.

Very few people realize it, but World War Three has been raging all around us for the past forty years. It's not the nuclear confrontation between east and west that we grew up fearing, but it is nonetheless global, violent, and deadly, with no end in sight. Even worse, hidden in the shadows China is taking full advantage of the unrest to expand both their presence and their influence in this strategically vital region.