July 29, 2011

A distant whisper from Carbine Studios

Gamespy: NC Soft and Carbine Studios to Unveil New Game

Patience is one of the most important virtues a person can possess. In today's world of instant global communication and twenty-four hour news, patience is considered old-fashioned and perhaps even irrelevant. So I guess that makes me old-fashioned. I waited for three years for Auto Assault to be released, only to watch it fail less than two years after its release. I have been waiting for too many years to count to see some tiny hint of what Carbine Studios was working on. It all began when I caught sight of this picture the day it went online:

Now for some people it might not look like much. That's okay. Keep in mind though my lifelong fascination with science fiction, history, mythology, and archeaology. I see that picture and all kinds of wild ideas start zipping around inside my mind. I've been playing online games for a very long time now, something close to eleven years, and in my experience nothing has come close to the diversity of ideas being expressed in that one simple piece of concept art.

I've been patiently waiting to learn more ever since the day that piece went online. It was so long ago, I'm not even sure when it was! So when I read the article above, the first thing I did was send an e-mail to info@carbinestudios.com asking for them to consider me for participation in their closed beta. They haven't even announced a closed beta yet, so I suppose I'm not quite as patient as I like to think, but still, it's been a lot of years since that picture went online. Perhaps they can forgive a small bit of impatience at this point in the game.