July 13, 2011

Impeach the traitor

President Barack Obama organized and put into motion Project Gunrunner. Attorney General Eric Holder, one of his very first appointments and most loyal staff members, intentionally gave false statistics to the American media. This is the same Attorney General who at the bidding of the president also helped limit the power of the First Amendment by putting forth new internal systems limiting the freedom of non-partisan groups to get their message out during presidential elections.

The current administration has funded research designed to prove Republican voters are programmed by weather, has spent the past three years working on a package of legislation designed to curtail freedom of speech on the internet, and spent one of the most tumultuous weeks in world history talking about basketball. Obviously this president and his appointees are not the least bit worried about running the country. Instead, they are milking it dry and demanding the freedom to keep doing so despite the objections of the American people!

Enough is enough! Today I wrote to Senator Sherrod Brown and Congressman Jim Renacci requesting they do whatever is necessary to begin impeachment proceedings against President Barack Obama and his staff on the grounds of high treason against the American people and their elected representatives.