July 30, 2011

McGraw-Hill runs America

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It's not the Illuminati, the CFR, nor the Zionists who are running America. It's a tangled web of personal relationships in orbit around Harold McGraw III, the third generation family head of McGraw-Hill Publishing company. This web of relationships connects MSNBC, GE, Moody's, Standard & Poor's, GM, a dozen mutual funds (including both Soros and Buffet), and surprise-surprise, Rupert Murdoch. This group of about five hundred men are organized in clusters of lifelong friendships of about twenty or thirty each. They regularly meet for golf, drinks, dinner parties, their children's school functions, and family vacations. The centerpiece is Harold McGraw III. I don't know why this is, I only know that it is as real as the computer I am typing on and the monitor you are reading this on.

There you are. It has taken me almost five years of research, but I have finally tracked down the puppetmaster. I am not surprised at all to learn there is no single puppetmaster behind the charade we call "American politics". As I have always contended, it is a bigoted, close-minded culture of elitism shared by men from a dozen countries who have known each other their entire lives. Men with too much power, too much influence, and more than enough money to marshal the resources necessary to buy off any election in any country they care to take the time to manipulate.

The puppetmaster is neither the Koch brothers nor George Soros, not individually anyway. It's the sixty-one year old president of a publishing company who only makes $1.4 million a year for his annual salary. Some of his friends make a lot more, none of them make less, all of them keep him on speed dial and pick up the phone every time he calls, even if they're in a meeting with one another. Oh, and he also has deep ties to China, Russia, India, and Saudi Arabia.

The key feature of this group is that most of them are the heads of failing, old-school industrial enterprises that are having a hard time competing in the modern world. They have been detached from you and I for so long that they no longer understand nor appreciate our way of life. Their heads are filled with theories and strategies that they learned from Marxist teachers in places like Harvard, Columbia, Oxford, and Cambridge, which is exactly why their companies are struggling to survive. They believe that these theories and strategies will bring about a wondrous utopia where no children die of disease, no crime infests our cities, no husbands beat their wives, and planes never fall from the sky.

This group fears the Islamic world (except for Jordan and Saudi Arabia) because they see it as a cesspool of impoverished baby factories slowly but surely forcing them into extinction. They cannot believe that cheap energy derived from coal and petroleum is necessary to both heat the homes of your grandparents and mine and fuel the cars we use commuting to jobs where they pay us peanuts to perform miracles. Nor do they understand that we need cheap food to feed our children. They don't understand that you and I can't pick up a telephone and generate a couple million dollars to pay our bills any time we fall behind. After all, they do it every day.

Now don't misunderstand me. I have no desire to take their wealth and distribute it to the world's poor. Their wealth is theirs to do with as they like. In some cases they earned it, in other cases they inherited it, either way it is their wealth. That money and those resources do not belong to the government, the workers, the single-parent families living in crime-ridden slums, or any other imaginary "oppressed" class. I'm sorry, folks, but the rich people are in fact entitled to their wealth. No, it's not fair, but nothing in the real world is fair and the only way to create a perfectly fair world is through violence which leads inevitably to the most unfair world of all: total anarchy.

I don't want them to give up everything they have and become peasants. I just want them to stop trying to dictate how I eat, what I wear, what I read, and how I spend the peanuts they so graciously toss my way in exchange for odd jobs here and there, for the books I write, and so on. Let them keep their money. I just want them to stop trying to use the government to tell me how to live.

In the end, the world is a very funny place and the only thing that makes life worth living is having the freedom to live according to my own choices, my own dreams, and my own desires. Provided, of course, I'm not interfering with the freedom of my neighbors and they are not interfering with mine.