August 18, 2011

The Gnats are Swarming

On March 4, 2009, I wrote a post about something that had been bothering me for awhile. That post, "A Deadly, Persistant Swarm of Gnats", was a brief, incomplete discussion of a tactic known as "swarm attack". I wrote that post because a few months earlier the Indian city of Mumbai had been terrorized by a swarm attack that lasted several hours and claimed hundreds of casualties. For anyone who understands small unit tactics and asymmetric warfare, the effectiveness of the Mumbai assault came as no surprise. As far back as 2004, people like John Robb were pointing out that terrorist organizations around the world were adopting their training regimens in directions that made a swarm attack a near certainty. The only questions remaining were "when" and "where" such an attack would take place. Either a "lone wolf" terrorist or a cell of up to three could easily plan and execute such an attack anywhere that "public safety" concerns have removed firearms from the hands of ordinary citizens. Columbine High School, Mumbai, and the recent slaughter in Norway are all examples of why "gun-free" zones really should be called "victim-rich free-fire" zones because that is how men bent on destruction see them.

Not even one year ago, in October 2010, the possibility of such an attack taking place in Europe was the subject of much speculation. As I pointed out just this past April, given half a chance I'm pretty paranoid. This is because over the past five decades of my life the sadism eagerly exhibited by some individuals has gone beyond even the bounds of normal insanity. Timothy McVeigh's destruction of the Murrah Building, 9/11, the 1972 Munich Massacre, and even the current situation in the Middle East are all prime examples of sadistic men killing innocent people (sometimes with the eager assistance and support of their women and children). Such violence remains a pretty standard feature of human life and I suspect this is never, ever going to change; therefore, paranoia is a survival skill that more of us should probably employ. At the very least, a heightened sense of personal vigilance and a constant awareness of your surroundings would be a very good strategy to improve your odds of survival in the modern world.

Unfortunately, some people in positions of power and influence have convinced most people in our world that they don't need to be self-aware. Instead, just do your job, watch some reality television in the evening, play with your kids on the weekend, and let the government watch your back. Unfortunately, the reality is that even in small town California children are dying from lack of police responsiveness. Not that they don't try. The Clearlake situation is a perfect example of why it is unrealistic to expect the police to protect you and your family. The police station was less than three hundred yards from where four year-old Skylar Rapp died. The police heard the shots and immediately ran to the home where the shooting had taken place. It only took them a few minutes to arrive, but even that few minutes was insufficient. The lesson we need to learn from such tragedies is the importance of parents always being fully aware of what is happening around them. If someone pokes a shotgun through your fence, you have to be prepared to immediately respond. Grab your kids, jump in front of the shotgun, pull out your favorite sidearm and open fire, or something! Skylar Rapp died because none of the adults attending the party were paying attention to the fence line less than a stone's throw away. Life had taught them to depend on the government to watch their back and the government was busy with something else.

Consider, for example, that the ATF has been caught red-handed delivering assault rifles to Mexican drug cartels. President Obama himself probably ordered it (Press conference, March 2009). Even as President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder were ordering the ATF to escort assault rifles into the waiting hands of Mexican drug cartels, the ATF was requesting new, "emergency powers" that would render the Fourth Amendment useless for anyone who purchased both a hunting rifle and a shotgun at the same time. The vast majority of news outlets are ignoring this story completely, which means that the vast majority of Americans have no idea what has happened or how it will impact their lives. The American people are trusting the government to protect them, but instead the government is providing weapons to criminals while demanding law-abiding Americans be prepared to give up their own. Far too many Americans have no clue that this is happening because the news agencies they are trusting to keep them informed are intentionally not reporting the story!

Also, the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have teamed up together to issue a Joint Intelligence Bulletin warning that "lone shooters" and "small unit assaults" could take place in America in the very near future. Even President Obama and Janet Napolitano are coming out with public statements about the possibility of a lone wolf attack taking place in the near future. I don't know about you, but I'm very glad I have a CCW. I'm definitely keeping a firearm within easy reach every time I walk out the door. I would strongly suggest you do the same.

To make matters even worse, we are right now entering a time of increased solar activity that will last another nine years. There is a possibility of solar storms so vast they will bathe the Earth in electromagnetic particles and overcome the protection of the Earth's magnetosphere. This will cause power surges capable of destroying computer chips controlling everything from the family car to nuclear power stations. The only thing you and I will know is our computer and cell phone will suddenly stop working. With communication networks down we will have no way to determine if the collapse was caused by natural solar flares or an EMP-device delivered by an enemy.

I feel something moving through the shadows. I hope I am only being paranoid. I hope you have bottled water, candles, canned food, medical supplies, a firearm and ammunition on hand just in case I'm not.