August 13, 2011

Remember who we are!

As the road to the 2012 Presidential election begins to slope downhill and the race launches into the final dash, it is essential that we who consider ourselves to be part and parcel of the Tea Party Movement and Second American Revolution take a moment to remember who we are and how we got here.

It all began with a blog post at The Patriot Act had just been passed and Karl Denninger was furious, rightfullly so. He recommended that Americans everywhere who opposed this draconian and tyrannical piece of legislation fire the opening shot of a Second American Revolution by sending their congressional respresentatives a single tea bag in an envelope with no accompanying letter or explanation. Remember, this was post-anthrax scare. One of the things he recognized is that doing so would trigger investigations and interviews. Millions of government foot soldiers would be dispatched to ask ordinary Americans why they were flooding the halls of congress with "suspicious materials". An official report would written up, congressional representatives and the Whitehouse would all be briefed on the findings. The government itself, using its own resources, would be forced to conduct a massive poll of the American people and publish the findings internally. The "tea bag protest" was a direct shot straight at the heart of our constitutional government.

Then came President Bush's TARP. Even though a large portion of that money was never spent, shortly after he took office President Obama passed not one, but two additional stimulus packages. And then just a short time ago, the "tea party" representatives allowed the "debt ceiling" to be raised to an unimaginable level and naturally the Senate approved this complete betrayal of the votes we cast back in 2010.

Watch Bob Basso's Thomas Paine video at the top of this post once again. At that time the debt limit was less than ten trillion dollars and that was only three years ago! That means the government's credit limit has been raised by nearly a third at a time of such economic woe that hyperinflation is an ever-present danger. Even worse, some lunatics in Washington D.C. actually see hyperinflation as the most logical path to take to get our country out of debt!

If you support the Tea Party that does not mean you support the Tea Party Patriots, the Tea Party Nation, the Tea Party Express, or even Tea All of these advocacy groups are good places to be and it is important to use them as vehicles to make your voice as loud as it can possibly be, but keep in mind that each of these groups is headed up by individuals with their own private agenda. Each of these desires first and foremost to be seen as the only genuine voice of the American people.

Do not let the leadership of these groups steal your thunder. Depending on collective power to achieve a social and political goal is a dangerous path to walk upon. The demands of a liberal progressive media for conformity to an America that is completely alien to the vision of our forefathers is exactly the beast that we are fighting. Replacing a liberal progressive fascism with a constitutional fascism will not improve our lot one bit. It will only mean that a different set of tyrants has grasped the reins of power and is leading us over a different cliff than the one we are already racing toward.

The Tea Party Movement is not about your favorite advocacy group. The Tea Party Movement is about you, personally and individually, doing your own homework, reaching your own conclusions, and demanding that your elected representatives take your opinion even more seriously than they do their own.

This is the United States of America. Our government works for you. You do not work for it. Do not ever let your elected representatives and the army of faceless bureaucrats that make up federal, state, county, and city employees ever forget that their existence depends on you! If you stop paying taxes they will starve. If you exercise your Second Amendment perogative and take up arms they will die. The final responsibility for the future of our nation does not depend on politicians and public employees. Both of these collectives are nothing more than parasites sucking away your hard-earned dollars to pay for their homes, cars, private schools, and fancy vacations.

You run this nation and it is high time we fired a whole passel of the parasites that have been feeding off our good will. Demand your local government simplify its bureaucracy, reduce their pay, eliminate corruption, and cut their budget to the bone. Demand congress and the Senate do the same thing at the federal level. Our government has become a parasite and the parasite is killing us. We must reduce its size and expense and we must do so now. If we do not succeed in restoring the sovereign power of our nation to the people themselves we will wind up exactly like the Chinese Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, the British Empire, and the U.S.S.R., dead chapters in a history book that nobody reads.