August 06, 2011

When did lying become morally acceptable?

This kind of thing really ticks me off. It is entirely too typical of those who seek to set themselves up as our superiors. They cannot be trusted because they themselves do not distinguish between truth and deception. Elitists with aristocratic pretensions do not ascribe to morality or ethics beyond greed and self-service. And then, when they are called on it, they blame their accuser of the very same hypocrisy they have built their lives upon. Using Lies and Deception in Public Forums to Expand Your Business Exposure

Here is a particularly juicy quote:
It’s important that you position yourself as an interested and sincere forum contributor rather than a businessperson looking to move products.

Note that the idea of intentionally lying to forum participants about your purpose for participating is not only seen as morally acceptable, it is encouraged as being the intelligent, rational course of behavior.

When did immoral behavior become culturally valid? When did we start believing that the only intelligent, rational form of public discourse was self-serving narcissism, greed, and deception? Why do we uphold immorality and unethical behavior as something to be admired, respected and emulated?

No wonder they fear the Tea Party movement. They are creatures of darkness and cannot abide the light of honest citizens.