September 04, 2011

The ignorance of progressive scholars

Someone recently posted a link to a very interesting New York Times Op-ed written by Dr. Eliyahu Stern.

That article is here: Don't Fear Islamic Law in America
Dr. Stern's bio at Yale is here: Eliyahu Stern

Basically, Dr. Stern asserts that American objection to the implementation of Islamic law within Muslim communities is racist and has more in common with anti-Semitism in pre-WW2 America than it does with contemporary American culture. I strongly disagree with Dr. Stern's position and here is a very good example of why:

The Cutting Edge: Growth of Islamistan in Europe

Every European city and country that has allowed Muslim neighborhoods to set up Shari'a courts has now seen those neighborhoods become entirely separate countries which non-Muslim citizens are not allowed to enter. Every single one, there are no exceptions. Dr. Stern asserts that Muslims in America are different because they come mostly from Southeast Asia rather than Arabia, North Africa, and Persia. Such thinking is entirely delusional. The precepts of Shari'a are the same, regardless of which Islamic sect is implementing it. If Shari'a courts are allowed in American cities then sooner or later, and probably sooner, we will see exactly the same disintegration that Europe is right now experiencing. Dr. Stern also conveniently overlooks that the Muslim communities most intent on bringing Shari'a to America are Somali Muslims living in Minnesota, a community that has already been repeatedly linked to terrorist recruiters and radical imams.

For a more realistic look at what is happening around the world in relation to the rise of Shari'a and radical Islamist communities, I'd strongly suggest a visit to Soeren Kern's excellent and thorough website, "". It is neither racist nor anti-Semitic to point out that here in the real world wherever Shari'a is allowed to flourish radicalization quickly follows. In the vast majority of cases, when a Muslim community begins to demand freedom from the local legal system and the institution of Shari'a courts, there are radical imams and community leaders behind the drive. Objections of Muslim community members and non-Muslims in the surrounding community are overlooked, the neighborhood sets up a Shari'a court, and within two years the entire neighborhood has become a miniature Islamic country completely independent of the larger community that surrounds them. This has been true in every single case. There are zero exceptions.

To propose on the basis of "scholarship" that somehow America will be magically different is at best delusional and at worst, deliberately deceitful. It was just barely one year ago that I wrote, "The Final Unholy Alliance". Everything that I brought out has now come to pass. When I wrote that post dozens of people told me that even if I was right, it would take decades for European cities to experience that kind of disintegration. They assured me that there was no "secret conspiracy" between American progressives and radical imams to transform America into an Islamic country. Well, here we are barely a year later. Not only have hundreds of Muslim communities in European cities become divided, crime-ridden warzones, America's media and academics are both fervently denying the reality of life in Europe's oldest cities. Eliyahu Stern's piece at the New York Times is clear evidence of progressive academic support for radical Islamists seeking to bring Shari'a to America. Maybe it's not an "alliance" in the strictest sense of the word, but for some unspoken reason Dr. Stern and those who agree with him have definitely thrown their support behind terrorists seeking to create a global caliphate.