September 08, 2011

A Quick Response to the GOP Debate on MSNBC

Newt Gingrich came across stronger than I expected he would.

Michelle Bachman came across weaker, much to my disappointment.

Jon Huntsman did really well deflecting attention away from his time in China and onto his record as Governor of Utah.

Ron Paul came out better than I expected, but still not quite all there.

Rick Santorum looked more like a real candidate than I've ever seen him before.

Herman Cain came out really strong, but not very deep, offering real solutions but I'm not sure they are realistic solutions.

Mitt Romney performed as expected, neither gaining nor losing in my estimation.

Rick Perry gained a few points in my estimation, but I'm not ready to jump on the Perry bandwagon.

I really like how well the candidates shot down attempts by the moderators to create a pie fight. I thought everyone did a good job of presenting their platform and distinguishing themselves from one another without resorting to personal attacks. They did point out differences in one another's record, which is a good thing and important, but they never stooped to namecalling or mudslinging.

All in all, this was one of the most serene, balanced, and informative candidate debates I've ever seen.

I actually enjoyed it!