October 10, 2011

The 53%

I am the 53%

Now these are real grassroots Americans! These are people who truly understand what American life is all about.

I am the 53%

(Updated several hours after the original post)

I just now caught wind of this and decided to add it here. Naturally, the entire "Occupy Wall Street" protest turns out to be nothing more than the Democratic Party supporters convincing their paid community organizers to whip the masses into a feeding frenzy.

All the Usual Suspects are Behind OWS

A choice quote:
Now let's talk about Zucotti Park. That is the "privately owned" park where the protesters are camped.

Zucotti Park is owned by a property group called Brookfield properties.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg's girlfriend, Diane Taylor, sits on the board of directors at Brookfield, so obviously there is a Bloomberg connection, but it gets even more incestuous.

Brookfield also owns a company called Granite Wind, a subsidiary of Brookfield renewable energy. They just received a $168 million dollar green loan from Obama's DOE.

And these people have the gall to call the Tea Party "astroturf"!

I mean seriously, does any sane person still support the Democrats and their minions? No wonder they are dressing up like zombies! The brainless walking dead are who they are most aligned with!

Now I understand the CDC Zombie Apocalypse warning. They were warning us to prepare for the Occupy Wall Street movement!

(Further update an hour or so later)

Jonah Goldberg reports in the National Review Online that the Democratic Party Backs OWS.

Friends, enemies, and casual observers. This is the crossroads. This is the pivotal event in American history. The academic and political elite is demanding the American people choose between the Constitutionalism of the Tea Party and the Monarchist Globalism of the Occupy Wall Street movement. This is the opening confrontation of Second American Revolution and if we do not tread carefully, things will get very bloody, very quickly. This moment is the new "shot heard 'round the world". I am deadly serious. This is the moment of crisis I have been feeling approach for five years now and warning against for three. This is the breaking storm.

This is where we choose between tyranny and freedom. The lines have been drawn, both sides are prepared to fight to the death. This is the Old North Bridge of our day. There can be no more fence sitting, no more hesitation. You must choose a side or be swept away by the chaos about to break across our nation.

Like it or not, you must choose.

(Another update, this one late in the evening)

Todd Kinsey has assembled a graphic and disturbing comparison of the Tea Party protests versus the Occupy Wall Street protests. While I understand that every movement attracts a lunatic fringe, the more we see of the Occupy Wall Street movement the more I am convinced it is just the opposite, a lunatic majority that has gathered a few rational participants.

Tea Party vs. OWS at ToddKinsey.com

How can any sane person throw their support behind this group? How can anyone who claims to represent mainstream America say with a straight face that the Occupy Wall Street protest is a genuine grassroots movement?

Seriously. These people are completely and totally insane. This is not Main Street, U.S.A.! Not even the idealized and commercialized Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland gets this crazy!