October 27, 2011

Grassroots? More like old-school anarchism

First things first. Here is a graph tracking employment vs. partisan control of the Congress:

Second, a comparison of important statistics between the OWS and Tea Party, both of which claim to be "grassroots" protests responding to overreaching government control, unemployment, and corruption:

I neither created nor did the research behind either of these charts. However, they are consistent with my own findings and observations.

Last of all, a poster using the pseudonym "Zombie" posted a vast collection of videos and photographs from the Oakland riots last night:

PJ Tatler: Oakland Occupiers Clash with Police

There are facts. Make up your own mind.


(Update, 12 hours later)

The NY Post reports that kitchen workers in the Occupy Wall Street protest camp are angry because homeless and others are coming to the camp for food.
NY Post: OWS Kitchen Workers Protest Feeding Homeless

There are a number of different aspects to this "protest-within-a-protest" that the article above discusses. One detail that caught my attention is that a small band of OWS protesters clashed with NYPD officers, resulting in ten arrests. They were angry over violence in Oakland, violence that began when Occupy Oakland protesters refused orders to disperse and began pelting police with M80 fireworks, spray paint, paint cans, rocks, and other objects.

Another graphic comparing the OWS and Tea Party protests appeared on Facebook while I was asleep. This one focuses more on divergent ideologies than statistics.

I was at Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally in Washington D.C. It was a peaceful, enjoyable day and we left the Washington Plaza cleaner than it was when we arrived. Free water was available to everyone who asked, even if they weren't there for the rally. Granted, passing out bottles of water is much different than preparing organic meals on outdoor stoves, it still strikes me as odd that people who are demanding a more tolerant and generous American society would complain when they are forced to be both tolerant and generous as individuals. That level of hypocrisy is too much of a paradox for my poor old mind to grasp. How can you demand the government be generous with you when you are unwilling to be generous with the people around you?