October 02, 2011

Sign some petitions, bring back your freedoms

Stephen Wright over at The Bluff has links to four important pro-gun petitions at the Whitehouse website. This is a golden opportunity to make your voice heard.

Petition to remove regulations on Silencers
Petition to allow private ownership of modern automatic weapons
Petition to support national CCW
Petition to remove restrictions on short-barrelled shotguns

None of these restrictions have been effective in reducing violent crime. The only real reductions in violent crime have come with the expansion of CCW over the past two decades. We are at a point now where the only cities still struggling with violent crime are the very same cities with the greatest restrictions on firearms ownership. If the past two decades have proven anything they have proven that allowing law abiding Americans to own, train with, and practice with firearms is a better crime deterrent than mandatory sentencing or the creation of a virtual police state such as we see in Oakland and Washington D.C.