November 09, 2011

Our Lack of Strategic Thinking Is Destroying Us

Too many people in positions of influence are not thinking long-term. The Tea Pary movement and its supporters have become locked on November 2012. The public face of the Occupy Wall Street movement is obsessed with punishing the Koch brothers and other rich Americans without any understanding of why America's wealthy should be treated any differently than any other global elite. Our mass media is so paranoid of the Republican Party they will lie and create fictional news stories in order to keep President Obama in the Whitehouse. Congressional representatives in both houses are making deals under the table to drain the treasury and retire with fat bank accounts that our children and grand-children will have to pay for. Union bosses are doing the same thing by draining pension funds their members are expecting to depend on for the rest of their natural lives. Shallow, narrow-minded planning with zero long-term reasoning is endangering our entire world in ways that no one seems to appreciate.

Washington Post: Israel Warns Iran A Military Strike is Possible
Hurriyet Daily News: Russia, Europe, China Warn Israelis Not to Attack Iran
Financial Times: China's Gold Imports Jump Sixfold
Click Green: IAEA Warns of High Carbon Future
Incentive Travel: WTM Vision Expands to Russia and China Congress is no Different than Mubarak
HillBilly Report: Oath Keepers and Tea Party Plan to Infiltrate OWS Understanding the Wealth Gap
PDF of IAEA Report on Iran's Nuclear Programs
Oath Keepers Throw Their Support Behind OWS

When I put all of these bits of data together I do not like the picture it creates. There is an overall strategy in place that leads directly to the collapse of the American and European economies, leaving China and Russia as the only two viable economies in the world. Just in case economic pressure is not enough, any day now Iran will finish developing an EMP warhead which can be placed on a medium-range missile. That missile can deliver its payload directly from Iran to Europe, North Africa, Central Asia, or Israel, destroying the power grid. Or, if they prefer, they can hide it in a cargo container, place that container on a merchant ship, position the ship off the coast of Japan, South Korea, China, or the United States and destroy one of those power grids. Once the chosen power grid goes down (and I'm betting it will be the East Coast of the United States), China will have the largest power-generating capability in the world, the largest industrial base in the world, and the largest gold reserves in the world.

Chaos in the streets of American cities does not help America's poor, does not harm America's rich, and does not move our country into the future. The only thing it does accomplish is to keep us distracted long enough for Iran to finish their warhead. This is a strategy, folks. This is strategic thinking and if we do not have a counter-strategy in place it will succeed and it will succeed in the very near future, possibly by year-end. Obsessing over whether or not Hermain Cain abused half a dozen women fifteen years ago does not help. Ignoring politics, ignoring economics, zoning out on narcotics, getting lost in an online social network, or spending your days worrying about who will "win" your favorite reality television show will not save our country nor will it preserve our children's future.

We are being played. We are being manipulated into oblivion while Chinese sovereign funds, Hong Kong industrialists, and Iranian Islamists work together with our very own political activists to insure that no one peeks behind the curtain long enough to divine our future. Corrupt politicians, criminal bank presidents, and crooked industrialists in both Europe and the United States are not the problem, they are merely the symptom of our current state of cultural decline. Our obsession with our own inner worlds has blinded us to the realities tearing apart our society while Chinese, Russian, and Islamic leaders work together to assist our demise and profit from it.

It is entirely possible that there is no one running this show. I can readily concede that there is no conspiracy by China or anyone else to take down the United States and Europe. It is very easy to believe that China, Iran, and Russia are merely being opportunistic, taking advantage of a pre-existing chaos to shore up their countries against the inevitable result of American infighting while also positioning themselves to profit from it both politically and economically. Either way, if we continue to tear ourselves apart, or even worse, continue to lose ourselves in virtual worlds and drug-induced euphoric states, then one day very soon we will wake up in a world controlled by China.

Somehow, we must stop this political infighting. We must stop expecting the government to solve our problems for us. If we do not, if we continue this "Occupy" idiocy, if corruption continues being the normal state of American politics, if class warfare continues to be the foundation of our political debate, then we are doomed.

Each individual American's personal sense of responsibility has become the razor thin edge our children's future is teetering on. That is simple reality. This is the end, folks. It is here and it is now. It is entirely possible that we are days away from war in the Middle East, a war that could easily escalate into a global conflict between America and the rest of the world. It will be a multi-dimensional war the likes of which no one has ever seen before. Not only will there be conventional land, sea, and air battles, cyberspace will be a battleground with viruses, trojans, and other programmed attacks. The targets will be cities, power grids, energy supplies, food crops, and civillian distribution networks.

When the dust settles, China will be the most powerful nation on Earth. Is that really the world you want your children to live in?