November 16, 2011

Self-fulfilling Prophecy, OWS, and Project Gunrunner

Right from the beginning I have said that the "Occupy Wall Street" movement is going to become more violent with the passage of time. That has always been their overall strategy. As recently as one week ago, events in Oakland bore this out.

Remember "Project Gunrunner"? Under the guise of chasing down gunrunners working for Mexican drug cartels, ATF agents were instructed to escort straw buyers who purchased military-style semi-automatic rifles at American gun shops and gun shows into Mexico, observe and/or assist in the hand-off of the weapons to the cartels, and identify the cartel purchasers. Naturally, by then it was too late to actually interdict the weapons and confiscate them. Under this program, at least 2500 weapons passed into the hands of cartel foot soldiers under the direct supervision of the ATF! While AG Holder and President Obama were signing off on this program they were also heading up a massive PR campaign claiming that American gun shows were intentionally selling guns to drug cartels. Every licensed dealer involved directly informed ATF about these suspicious sales and in every case the ATF told them not to worry about it.

This effort was a two-pronged strategy designed to reach a single goal: providing legal and moral justification for infringing on the Second Amendment by passing restrictive gun control laws which would have made it difficult or even impossible for private transfers of firearms between individual sport shooters and collectors. Ordinary law-abiding citizens would have had their freedoms severely restricted if Project Gunrunner had succeeded in its true, overall strategy.

The same thing is happening with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

I have to admit, when I read about crackdowns in Denver, Oakland, Atlanta, and New York, I was pleased that a dangerous and unhealthy situation in public spaces was finally being dealt with. Then I read this:

CBS New York: OWS Plans Day of Action After Losing Camp in Zucotti Park

Remember, it was reported early on that there are multiple direct links between Mayor Bloomberg and both the owners of Zuccotti Park and the OWS Protesters. In short, the Mayor's office is supporting both sides of the protest and playing them off against one another. Despite the occasional criticism, Mayor Bloomberg is a strong supporter of President Obama. The day before the OWS protest started Mayor Bloomberg also predicted class-based riots were coming to America. Prophecy is easy when you are part of the command structure planning and carrying out a given action.

If, as I suspect, the Occupy Wall Street folks become violent over the next couple weeks you can expect to see the media blaming the Tea Party either by proxy or by inspiring the OWS movement. To date, the media has been lavish in their praise of OWS and although they have stopped refering to the Tea Party as potential terrorists. I suspect any form of violence from the OWS movement will bring back the same old labels and misdirection. Being the beneficiaries of America's most liberal progressive universities, most media pundits really can't help themselves. It is the only frame of reference they have for interpreting the world they are "reporting".