November 06, 2011

Two Occupy Oakland Protesters Hit by Mercedes

I'm not going to belabor the point. It seems to me pretty simple. Both the driver and the two protestors created this incident. There are no victims here, only criminals preying on one another. The protester who was least injured literally jumped in front of the Mercedes to prevent his driving through the intersection. When the driver began honking his horn, the protestor began pounding on the hood, terrorizing the car's occupants. The driver responded by hitting the gas and driving right over two of the protesters. Both were hospitalized, and the one who pounded on the hood was released the next day. I don't know about the second protester, but I hope they have a full recovery from their injuries.

Yes, the driver should have been arrested on the scene. I am sure that sooner or later he will be arrested and indicted. His fate will rest in the hands of a jury of his peers. However, that does not mean the people he ran over are free of guilt! They are not "innocent" victims. They intentionally impeded the driver, crossing on a red light, jumping right in front of his car, and pounding on the hood. They forcefully terrorized the vehicle's occupants with their body language, words, and behavior. Yes, that's right. I call it terrorism. Their sole intent was to create a climate of fear so intense the driver would cower to their demands. Prosecute the driver, absolutely, but also prosecute the protesters.

Cellphone video captures moment Occupy Oakland protester hit by car |