April 11, 2012

The Coming Race War

If you want to create a race war in the United States, then this is exactly the step you would take to get one started:

CNS: U.N. Official Calls for Reparations in Trayvon Martin Case

I hope you've stocked up on food, water, medical supplies, and ammo. The "civil rights" movement in America has now become the driving force behind the civil war that has been trying to break out for the past five years. Now, instead of a simple political strife between federalists and state's rights individualists, we will be facing an irrational struggle to "free" an "oppressed" people who have not suffered any real oppression for at least half a century. Even then, the oppression was limited to a handful of southern states. Blacks in America have been a free people ever since the Emancipation Proclamation was published on January 1, 1863. They have been free to move when they felt uncomfortable or had trouble finding work. They have been free to leave cities and states that treated them like animals. Nothing has stopped them from abandoning the inner city and moving to places with better jobs, better schools, and better communities. Nothing except inner city black culture which demands someone else solve their problems for them.

Keep in mind, this idiocy over Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman can be, and already has been, used to justify backpedaling on the reversal of unconstitutional restrictions on firearm ownership that has taken place over the past two decades. If the civil rights establishment and their supporters among liberal progressives, communists, globalists, and other collectivist organizations can create enough tension to cause American cities to erupt in gunfire, then they can justify both the imposition of the U.N. Small Arms Trade Treaty and the elimination of American sovereignity in the name of "peace and order from the chaos".

Those same people I have spent five years talking about are still there and still intent on destroying the last bastion of freedom in order to restore their hereditary rights and privileges. Their goal of reducing us to peasant farmers for a "sustainable future" would be greatly accelerated by a race war in America. The move to force Florida to arrest George Zimmerman without any real evidence of unlawful conduct while ignoring daily black on black (as well as black on white) violence in every state in the nation is not an accident. Nor is it simple greed seeking out extreme stories to improve ratings and advertising revenues. There are people dedicated to destroying your freedom and they are seizing this opportunity to push forward their agenda.

This is the year when you and I are forced to choose between a collectivist future with a strong centralized government that dictates how we conduct our daily lives or a nearly anarchist society where success and failure are equally possible. What is the role of government? Do you need a king or queen to tell you how to live? Do you want the government to protect your private property or tell you how to use it? What is more important to you, a fat government contract for your small business or the elimination of taxes and regulations that make it impossible to succeed? Do you want to live in a Christian nation where every religion imaginable is allowed to practice freely or in a secular nation where all forms of religion are considered a form of insanity?

Not only must you face these choices. It is entirely possible that before the year is out you will have to fight to defend your choice. You may even find yourself imprisoned or facing execution for that choice. History is very clear on this point. Once the collectivists sense an opportunity to grab power they will slaughter millions in order to achieve it.