April 01, 2012

Even worse than a conspiracy

Countless conspiracy theories enjoy global acceptance. Some of them are very old and some of them are very new. All of them contain a grain of truth. Most of them arise because some event shatters the collective unconscious, forcing a given society into a mass change of some kind. Consider for example, the ancient conspiracy of Freemason intervention in our daily life. No one can be certain when the Freemasons began, partly because there are at least three different groups that in the past have called themselves "Freemasons" and all three of these groups have drawn their inspiration from the same Biblical passages. As a result, all three have held similar beliefs and have used similar iconography. The most widespread Freemason group, and the one most people recognize as Freemasons, probably began in Scotland in the 12th Century. Originally an investment club founded by a small group of hereditary nobles looking for ways to preserve their family fortunes, today their membership numbers in the tens of millions and ecompasses two different groups, Freemasons and Shriners.

From time to time down through history, small factions within the Freemasons have worked together to bring about change. Their membership in the Freemasons brought them together, provided them an opportunity to share their ideas about how to make the world a better place, and gave them a common vocabulary for designing realistic plans to bring about that change. Most of America's founding fathers were Freemasons. The sense of unity and camaraderie Freemason membership gave them provided the platform that brought them together and insured their loyalty to one another during the darkest hours of the Revolution. Freemason ritual and theology shaped their worldviews, their shared reading habits, and the nature of the nation they created. To say otherwise is to deny the simple reality of real men who sacrificed everything so that you and I could elect our Representatives, influence the election of our President, and control the political monster that every nation depends on to prevent anarchy. Their Freemason membership led directly to their belief in the sovereignty of the common man as opposed to the sovereignty of a ruling monarch.

However, this does not mean the global Freemasons are some kind of evil conspiracy group working to control the future. If they were, then the most likely outcome would be a global government that has more in common with the Constitutional Democratic Republic model than the pseudo-dictatorship with delusions of creating a global worker's paradise that is currently housed in the United Nations and the European Union.

What brought America's founding fathers together and gave them confidence was a shared worldview. True, that worldview was profoundly influenced by Freemasonry, but it was not defined by Freemasonry. It was defined by the works of John Locke, Charles de Montesquieu, and Alexis de Tocqueville. The founding father's shared worldview gave us the first and only nation in the history of our world to define the people as sovereign and the government as a servant. That conceptualization was lost in the decades leading up to the Civil War as more and more people demanded the federal government end slavery. War, oppression, mass slaughter of civilians, draconian courts, and political imprisonment, are all the exact opposite of the rule of law bequethed to us by our founding fathers. These horrors are the inevitable result of people surrendering their sovereignty to a political authority on the assumption that the collective demands of a sovereign government are morally superior to the needs of any one individual. Once that surrender has taken place, the government no longer serves the people. Instead, it becomes their master and dictates to them their morality, their worldview, and every detail of their daily life. Failure to conform means imprisonment or death.

It will not take a conspiracy to reduce our nation to civil war, mass imprisonment, and mass slaughter. Instead, it takes something even more insidious and far more evil. When we as a sovereign people surrender our power to our political leaders and accept a tyranny, when our individual worldview shifts away from seeing ourselves as sovereign individuals and into depending on sovereign politicians, then our society as a whole changes and there can be only one result.

Consider the State of California. I was born in San Francisco. Most of my youth was spent in either Los Angeles or the Napa Valley. Over the course of my lifetime the worldview of many Californians has changed. Even some of my friends from high school have changed and they do not realize how far they have come from where they began. The shift began on May 2, 1967. On that day a group of armed Black Panthers marched up to the steps of the capitol building in Sacremento to present their demands for greater civil rights. The irony that everyone at the time overlooked was that California was not a deeply segregated state. Blacks, whites, hispanics, and asians lived side by side in every major city and in most smaller ones. They worked together, they ate together in restaurants, they drank together in bars, they went to church together. Many small businesses were owned and operated by non-whites, and many local governments were composed of non-whites working side by side with whites. If there was an oppressed minority it would be the white supremacists such as Neo-Nazis and the KKK. People who held to a white supremacist worldview were considered to be dangerous radicals prone to violence who could not be trusted. California was quite possibly the least segregated state in the nation.

Shortly after that day the very first anti-gun law passed in the State Legislature. It was specifically designed to disarm blacks as a race. White residents fled inner city communities in fear, moving into the suburbs or even nearby farm communities. Radical black civil rights activist groups, inspired by television and news reports of armed Black Panthers standing on the capitol steps, formed in every major city. Through underground newspapers, community meetings, hijacked church services or townhalls, and a dizzying variety of military style uniforms, they created a sense of terror that drove non-blacks out of inner city neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacremento, San Jose, and dozens of other cities. Their "information" campaigns led to black families treating their local schools and homes with contempt as the self image of millions shifted from free and independent, hardworking people into oppressed, psuedo-slaves who needed another Emancipation Proclamation to gain equality with whites. By 1970 black militants had achieved what a century of participation in the American nation had not, true segregation in California cities. The "gay rights" movement quickly organized on the heels of the black militant's success. La Raza joined the frey in the 1980s. California, once a beacon of freedom and equality, has now become a patchwork of divided communities at war with one another, all of them demanding the State government cater to their perceived lack of rights by forcing "rich white heterosexual men" into submission. The people of California have wholly and completely surrendered their individual sovereignty to the state and as a result, the economy has crashed, the cities are filled with violent crime, more people derive their income from the state than from honest work, and addictive behavior runs rampant. It is no coincidence that California has the largest permanent prison population in the nation. Nor is it surprising that the vast majority of those prisoners are non-whites who resorted to violent crime when the state failed to live up to their expectations.

This disease now threatens our entire nation. Fueled by elitists in academia and journalism, who in turn are aided in no small part by radical black activists such as the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Black Panthers as well as more modern groups such as the Rainbow Coalition and La Raza, more Americans than ever have developed the idea that our nation is somehow the most oppressive nation on Earth. America, where every office from the school board superintendent to the president are either directly elected or profoundly influenced by a popular vote, is touted by these groups as being somehow more oppressive and evil than the Saudi monarchy or the communist dictatorship in China. This is not some kind of conspiracy. It is much worse than a conspiracy. The real problem is you and I letting fringe elements tell us how to think and what to believe. We have passed our intellectual and philosophical sovereignty, our sovereign minds, into the hands of tyrants intent on driving us to a guilt-driven national suicide.

The only way out of this trap is for each of us individually to remember who we are and what we stand for. I cannot control how you perceive your place in society. Only you can do that. If you want to be free of the oppressive nature of life in the modern world you don't need to quit work, abandon your family, and live on an island. You only need to remember that your needs are just as important as anyone else's. If we continue to allow the government to define what is moral then there can be only one result: civil war, political imprisonment, mass slaughter of innocents, and complete tyranny.

History is a cold, cruel teacher but she will not be denied. Her lessons are absolute and her laws are immutable. If you and I do not reclaim our individual sovereignty from our government then we doom this generation to darkness and endless war. It does not matter who wins the presidential election in 2012. It is far more important for you to take charge of your own life and stop depending on the government to solve your problems, provide income for your company, feed your children, and secure your healthcare. If you reclaim your individual sovereignty then the federal, state, county, and city government will be forced to respect their role as your servants. If you do not, then this is the year you and your children become permanent slaves to a government and academia composed of men and women who believe you are nothing more than animals existing to serve them.

It's much worse than a simple conspiracy. It's a personal choice you individually must make. It is a daily fight for survival that you must engage in. Your personal freedom depends on it.