April 25, 2012

Obama: All in the Company

Wayne Madsen: The Story of Obama

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If anyone at all in the media had been doing their job then back in 2007 this file would have been released in every single newspaper, magazine, and television news report possible.

Yes, the media lies to you. All of them. Even your personal favorite. They lie to you because sometimes telling the truth will get them killed, or even worse, discredited and humiliated.


Here's the problem, you are an American activist concerned with civil wars in Africa. Children are being forced into sexual slavery, militia service, and other unsavory occupations all in the name of "development". Many of the groups doing this are backed with either CIA, KGB, or PRC intelligence money, intel, weapons, and logistics. By and large, the groups have little or no loyalty to their first world allies. Most of the real power structure is strictly tribal, meaning that the only real effect of all that foreign money is modern versions of ancient tribal wars. In your eyes, the real victims are the children.

So what do you do? Well, if your name is Samantha Powers then you and Gareth Evans co-author a report to the United Nations Human Rights Commission with the title, "The Responsibility to Protect: Ending Mass Atrocity Crimes Once and for All". Based on that report, you collect money from a wide variety of groups, both governmental and non-governmental, then you set about working to transform the United Nations from a forum for international negotiation into a genuine global government. To accomplish this you create an NGO with the name "International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect".

Unfortunately, some of those backers have their own reasons for supporting you, reasons that have nothing to do with ending child soldiers and sex slaves and everything to do with undermining sovereign governments in stable nations in order to create even more chaos. So when I encounter both the report above and the one below within hours of one another, then I know for a fact that the globalists have opened another offensive in their drive to create a global socialist dictatorship.

Patriot Update: Samantha Powers appointed "Atrocities Czar"