May 28, 2012

Congress might as well go home

I guess the House of Representatives and the Senate might as well disband and go home. The many victories for patriotism and constitutionalism won in the 2010 election have now been completely thwarted. President Barack Obama has taken several important steps down the road to tyranny, steps not even President George W. Bush dared to take. For all legal intents and purposes, the United States of America is now under the same conditions as it would be in a state of officially declared martial law. The president now rules entirely by Executive Order. The orders he has signed since the beginning of this year have dissolved the Constitution of the United States and placed our entire nation under the laws, rules, regulations, and arbitrary decisions of the United Nations. If the House and Senate are not willing to impeach him, then they might as well go home because any bill they now pass is irrelevant to President Barack Obama's master plan. The exact details of that master plan are yet to be revealed, but they will build on the debacle of "Health Care Reform" and "Financial Reform" forced through in the closing days of the 111th Congress.

I used to worry that we were one Executive Order away from martial law. That order was signed on March 16, 2012. President Obama did not title it "Martial Law", but it does not matter because when paired up with the NDAA amendments authorizing the American military to seize and hold indefinitely any American Citizen for any reason whatsoever as long as they label the capture an anti-terrorism operation, the end result is the same. The president now has the authority to order the American military to seize or assassinate any American citizen anywhere in the world and confiscate their assets for any reason whatsoever. The only restriction is he must accuse them of terrorism. He doesn't have to prove terrorism. He doesn't have to provide evidence of terrorist intent to a judge. All he has to do is give the order.

Check your powder and sharpen your bayonets, friends. The civil war I have spent the past five years trying to avoid has now begun. All that is left is for someone to fire the opening shot.

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