May 27, 2012

A real "zombie apocalypse" in our future

I found it on Facebook. At first, I thought it was just another joke post. Then I read the article.

Miami Herald: Naked man killed by Police near MacArthur Causeway was ‘eating’ his victim's face

There were couple of things in this article that struck me as both very odd and very disturbing.

"The officer, who has not been identified, approached and, seeing what was happening, also ordered the naked man to back away. When he continued the assault, the officer shot him, police sources said. The attacker failed to stop after being shot, forcing the officer to continue firing. Witnesses said they heard at least a half dozen shots."


"Police theorize the attacker might have been suffering from "cocaine psychosis," a drug-induced craze that bakes the body internally and often leads the affected to strip naked to try and cool off."

Every street drug derived from the coca plant has the potential to cause irreversible damage to the central nervous system. Some street products are more damaging than others because of the impurities found in them. Cocaine products differ from methamphetamine products in several ways, both in their manufacture and in their effect, but both derive their "high" from the drug's interrupting of the signal activity in the central nervous system. There are a few products out there which combine cocaine and methamphetamine. However, because the street value of each drug alone is very high, combining them is generally not cost effective. When they are combined, the degree of permanent damage they inflict is even greater than each drug would normally do on its own.

Over the past decade many tons of both products have been interdicted during importation into the United States or confiscated from home-based labs. Drug awareness programs at the high school and junior high school level have also helped reduce the number of people who "experiment" with these drugs. Most modern users intentionally seek out the particular effects of the drugs rather than just try them for fun. This also means most people who wind up using these drugs are more hardcore users prone to taking larger doses more regularly than was common a few decades ago. As a result, the damage to their central nervous systems is more extreme and fewer of them are able to overcome the addiction even after multiple trips through rehabilitation programs. The greater damage also means that more and more often by the time a user is forced into rehab, the damage has become permanent. Untreatable, lifetime psychosis caused by drug use is becoming even more common than it was during the late sixties when the drug culture first became socially acceptable.

There might be a very real crisis brewing in the streets of America's inner cities. I hope this article is not indicative of a real-world zombie apocalypse driven by bad street drugs rather than fictional bad vaccines and biological weapons. The fictional versions are bad enough. A real version with its source in an untraceable designer drug concocted in basement laboratories in every city in America would make Hollywood's version seem almost tame.



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Four years later this is still one of the most under-reported crises facing contemporary America:
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