June 14, 2012

Bilderberg Graph

An interesting graph has begun circulating through some corners of the internet. I haven't studied it indepth, but it purports to show how the Bilderberg Group uses their power and influence to control the world. The graph is available online here: Bilderberg Runs the World

Someone spent a very long time creating this image. Just glancing over it, there is nothing here that surprises me. Yes, it is true, the world is now completely and totally interconnected. For better or worse, it pretty much has been since the Bretton Woods Conference of 1944. The idea being, the greater the economic ties between the world's most prosperous nations the greater the likelihood of a lasting peace.

Considering there hasn't been a genuine world war since then, it's worked out fairly well. Unfortunately, it was not designed to withstand the rise of wealthy Islamic nations still locked in 12th Century worldviews. Ever since the Six-Day War, the ambitions of several key members have been seriously impeded. This is why some of them back the Palestinians and some of them back Israel. The war of words you see in popular media over the legitimacy of Israel as a nation is a reflection of both the conflict within the Bilderberg Group and the conflict within the world at large. After all, the Bilderberg Participants are real people with real ideas, real dreams, and real fears. They are no different than you and I, only much wealthier and with far too much individual influence.

That circle of men and women in the center of the diagram is not an evil cabal bent on world domination. It is a cluster of very wealthy people with far more influence than they deserve who spend as much time arguing over petty grievances as they do coming up with ideas on how to make life better for themselves. Some of them are fascists, some of them are anarchists, some of them are communists, and a small number of them are genuine free market capitalists.

It's not a conspiracy, per se. It's more a culture of entitlement driven by paranoia and greed. The members of the Bilderberg Group honestly believe they are the smartest people in the world. In truth, a few of them definitely are. However, they do not control your choices. No matter how hard they try, your choices are still yours to make. They work very hard to influence those choices, but in the end, you are the one who lays cash on the counter or swipes a bit of plastic through the checkout scanner. As popular winds shift, some of them gain influence and some of them lose influence. The nature of the modern world is such that you cannot live without the products they provide and they cannot live without your consumption habits.

In the end, we are locked together in an unending struggle for both individual and social survival. Every purchase you make every day of your life helps to determine which direction the world at large moves. Believe or not, the Bilderberg Group does not control the world, you do. That is why they spend so much time and effort working to influence your choices. Their survival depends on it.