June 02, 2012

I ain' buyin' it. It smells funny.

So, let me get this straight, progress means:

1) Illegal aliens should have the same voting rights as citizens
2) Illegal aliens should have the same access to taxpayer funded services as citizens
3) Children should be allowed to choose abortion as a form of birth control
4) Parents cannot be trusted to make intelligent choices for their children
5) Two men or two women living together is a family
6) Disarmed citizens are better protected from criminal predators than armed citizens
7) Commercially farmed food shipped in from Mexico is healthier than local food
8) All religions are delusional but Christianity is the worst of the bunch
9) Terrorists who murder ordinary people by strapping bombs to their children and sending them into open air markets are really just freedom fighters
10) Rich people who live overseas and owe billions in unpaid back taxes need to be given even higher tax bills even though we know they will never pay them
11) Teachers who work nine months out of the year deserve higher wages and better benefits than police officers, firefighters, and soldiers
12) Politicians of all stripes and colors deserve to receive their full pay for life after serving a single term while soldiers should be content to retire at half-pay after two decades of service
13) Minorities by virtue of the color of their skin deserve better job opportunities than white people even if they don't have the skills to perform those jobs
14) White people who work their entire life running a small business providing goods and services to their communities are evil oppressors and the real enemy of the American dream
15) Small business owners (especially white small business owners) who work 60 hours a week to make a living are greedy thieves who should pay all the taxes the government needs

And, most important of all, I should vote a straight Democratic ticket because the Democratic Party stands for "progress" and President Obama will move our nation "forward" into a new era of peace, health, and prosperity for everyone except those evil white small business owners that are robbing their communities blind and not paying enough in taxes?

Sorry. I ain' buyin' it. It smells funny.