June 07, 2012

Krokodil, deadly new street drug

For some reason I always find the most important stories a year after they come out. The earliest post I could find for this story is June 20, 2011. It is possible that I saw it when it first came out and decided it was too minor to bother with. After all, what kind of an idiot would take a drug knowing it would kill them? Well, apparently, lots of them. Addicts on at least three continents have now discovered the pleasures of "Krokodil", a opium derivative that first appeared on the streets of the Russian city of Novokuznetsk (thus the name). Considering recent events in Miami, when someone on Facebook posted a link to an amateur video about Krokodil I went looking to see what else I could find.

I found quite a bit, but not near as much as I would like. Apparently the compassionate masterminds in American media have decided that the less you know the better prepared you are. Although, to give credit where credit is due, the oldest article does in fact come from Time magazine. Perhaps that Time magazine issue was a flop so other news outlets decided it was not a marketable story.

Here's what I found. I'm not linking to any videos because I have yet to find one I can stand to watch beyond the first thirty seconds.

Time: The Curse of the Crocodile
The Independent: The Drug that Eats Junkies
Pravda: Desomorphine, drug for the poor, kills its victims
Fox News: DEA Now Monitoring Krokodil
ABC Australia: Krokodil Takes Toll on Russian Addicts
CNN: "Devastating" Drug Takes Hold in Russia
Mail Online: Curse of Krokodil Spreads Through Europe