July 14, 2012

Enough already! It's time to imprison the traitors!

Stephen King: Shut the fuck up and tax me!
The Reality: the top 10% already pays 70% of the total revenue generated


That's it. The straw has broken the camel's back. Marxist propaganda has just cost me my oldest, dearest friend. Second only to my wife and children, ever since Pres. Obama's inauguration she has fallen more and more under the perverse lies and purposeful deceptions of Marxist propaganda being spread by writers, actors, celebrities, scholars, and pundits. I tried to show her the numbers and she flat out refused to look at them seriously. She was so brainwashed and deluded by "feel good" propaganda she quoted the very numbers that proved the propaganda wrong and then repeated the propaganda!

I don't understand! Why are Americans NOT looking at the facts? Has somebody begun drugging the water they drink and the air that they breathe? Have they been taken over by aliens? What the hell is going on?

That's it. This is my personal North Bridge at Lexington Green. As far as I am concerned I am now at war with the liberal progressive movement in America. Starting from today I will push for a new Alien and Sedition Act and the full confiscation of the net worth of every member of the Democratic Party! As far as I'm concerned, the Democratic Party are now the enemies of the United States of America! They deserve imprisonment and the full confiscation of their assets!

You want to pay more taxes? FINE! Let the net worth of George Soros, Warren Buffet, Stephen King, Steven Spielberg, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Charlie Rangel, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, and ALL their allies be forfeit! No more negotiation! No more compromise! If you stand against the Constitution, right up to and including the President himself, then by God your ass deserves a firing squad and loss of your worldly assets! It is time to impeach the traitor Barack Hussein Obama, throw him in chains, and confiscate his worldly wealth!

You want my homeland to become China and France, do you?

Over my dead body!