July 14, 2012

Liberal hypocrisy and American myths

Our world very nearly ended on October 25, 1962. That day changed our world in ways that even today American scholars and historians have refused to face. From that day forward we became more like our enemies and less like ourselves. The 1963-64 Presidential campaign season was run by both parties on the basis of the fears created by that day.

It is critical to remember something here. Republicans get blamed for being aggressive warmongers and yet, every single time the United States and the Soviet Union stood on the brink of a nuclear confrontation it was under the direction of a Democratic President. The 20th Century is the century of the complete and total failure of Socialism, Marxism, and the "progress" the Democratic Party continually promised us and failed to deliver on. Truman took us into Korea, Kennedy took us to the brink of nuclear war, Johnson took us into the quagmire of Vietnam, Carter sent a failed rescue mission into the Persian desert. All Democrats, all brutally aggressive foreign policies, all took us right to the very threshold of global annihilation.

Those are the facts of history. Real facts. Easily confirmed. Ever since that day in 1962 the Democrats have positioned themselves as the champions of peace while time and again they have pursued foreign policies based on violent confrontation with our enemies. The first Republican president of the 20th Century to lead us into armed conflict was Ronald Reagan. That war lasted three days and earned us global accolades. That war demonstrated the complete and total superiority of American weapons and tactics on a real battlefield. That war was one of the first steps on the road that led directly to the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union.

The second Republican president to lead us into war was George W. Bush. His war began as a direct and justified response to a bloody terrorist strike on American civilians, the American economy, and the American military. If he had not dragged us into Iraq, a move I personally will always hold against him, that war could have been over and done with in less than a year.

Democrats champion themselves as peace-loving defenders of the common man and yet, under their leadership we continually find ourselves on the brink of global war.

They lied in their 1964 presidential campaign and they are still lying today. Comparing the two presidential campaign ads below you will immediately see the fear-mongering lie of the Democratic ad which ignores the warmongering foreign policy of both Kennedy and Johnson and claims, without any substance whatsoever, that a vote for Barry Goldwater is a vote for nuclear annihilation. The Republican ad, on the other hand, is prophetic, clearly and correctly predicting what we have now become half a century later.

Nothing has changed since 1964. The Democrats are still lying and despite the end of the Cold War we again find ourselves on the brink of thermonuclear global war. Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, China, all of these nations are right now furious at our foreign policy, all of them have nuclear arms, and any of them could easily launch an EMP strike on our country tomorrow. It is not the policy of George W. Bush that created the current standoff. The current standoff is a direct product of failed foreign policy of Barack H. Obama.

It is past time to learn the lessons of the 20th Century. The Democratic Party has had a century and a half history of treason, terrorism (the KKK were Democrats!), and consistent creation of domestic and foreign policies that favor parasitic class warfare, huge growth in government, and five decades of economic decay.

It is time to outlaw the Democratic Party, arrest their leadership, charge them with treason, confiscate their assets, and eliminate this cancer from our society. How much more of their lies, their warmongering, and their deliberately self-destructive economic policies must we endure?

Time to face reality, America. The Democratic Party who continuously build themselves up as champions of poverty and unionism are, in fact, the enemies of your freedom and prosperity. They hate everything you stand for and have spent one hundred and fifty years working to dismantle you.