August 01, 2012

Book Review, "Roy Smeck: The Wizard of the Strings in His Life and Times"

Everyone knows Les Paul, the Beatles, Elvis, and Hank Williams. None of these people would have ever had a career if it were not for Roy Smeck. In a very real sense, Roy Smeck created the modern American music scene. He created the standards everyone else uses to judge professional music. His books taught everyone else how to play and his act taught everyone else how to entertain. This book, "Roy Smeck: The Wizard Of The Strings In His Life And Times" is far more than a simple biography of the man who created the American music industry. This book is the history of America in the 20th Century as seen through his life.

If you're a musician, whether amateur or professional, you need to read this book. If you're a historian, this book shows you in livid detail how the great events of the 20th Century impacted the lives of individuals both great and small. Even if you are neither historian nor musician, this book will show you how we came to be what we are today.

This is quite possibly the most important book of my lifetime. Seriously.