September 17, 2012

It's not about "long-standing grievances"

I'm getting really sick and tired of hearing the same idiocy pouring out of the mouths of both professional commentators and analysts with fancy degrees in "international communications". When they go online, write op-eds, or show up on news programs spouting lines about "long-standing grievances in politics and economics" being the foundation of violent, radical protests by Muslims they are not just misinterpreting the reality of the dangers we face they are, in point of fact, dead wrong! This delusional thinking is the reason we have been fighting a world war against radical Islamic terrorists for virtually my entire life!

"Revival" is a condition that sweeps through every religion from time to time. Billy Graham, for example, was the driving force behind the 1960s revival in America that gave us the concept and phrase, "Born Again". Partly in response to Billy Graham and other revivalists holding open air tent meetings in Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Malaysia, and Indonesia, laws were passed in Muslim countries prohibiting Christian evangelism, sometimes on penalty of death. Places like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt already had such laws so at first it seemed only natural that other Muslim countries would pass similar laws after sweeping Christian revivals threatened to transform their cultural foundations.

Then came the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics. This marked the first time communist and jihadi terror groups worked together to carry out an operation outside of Israel. German neo-nazi's also assisted. The 1972 Olympic massacre saw neo-nazis, communists, and jihadis all working together openly. This was the first time, but it was not the last time, for this unholy alliance of collectivists to execute violent acts against innocents. This same alliance came into play to support Timothy McVeigh, the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing, and numerous other acts of terrorism. More often than not, if radical Islamists are doing the dying, radical communists or neo-nazis or both are providing funding, logistics, planning, and transportation. Not always, of course. Sometimes the background support is provided by Iran, North Korea, China, or some combination of the three. Pakistan's ISI is often working behind the scenes to support those attacks that take place in India or the United Kingdom.

This is a very real war with the entire globe as a battleground. Modern civilization has provided the tools for collectivism to once again raise its ugly head and attempt to control how the rest of us eat, drink, sleep, play, work, think, behave, and believe. The driving force behind radical Islam is a huge, sweeping Islamic revival that followed on the heels of the 1972 Munich Massacre. This fundamentalist revival is dedicated to reversing a Twelfth Century theology that transformed "jihad" from a violent external war into a spiritual internal war. This is the core difference between Christian or Buddhist fundamentalism and Islamic fundamentalism. In Christian and Buddhist fundamentalism the "law" is the driving force behind making the individual kinder, more compassionate, and more generous. In Islamic fundamentalism "Shari'a" is the driving force behind social conformity, reduction of women to mere chattel, glorification of violence as the key to masculinity, and the spiritual assertion that all other religions are required to submit to political rule by Muslim clerics.

The motivating factor behind the current crop of global protests is this Islamic fundamentalist revival that was sparked by the success of the 1972 Olympic Massacre. There is nothing "spontaneous" about the protests sweeping across the world this year in the same way that there was nothing "spontaneous" about the way the OWS movement swept over the globe last year. Collectivism is the core driving force behind both movements. It is not "organized" in the way a military invasion is organized, but it is united in the driving ambition to force the world into a strict hierarchy with no freedom of speech, unarmed citizens subject to oppressive government oversight, communal ownership of all property, and nationalization of all business. The neo-nazis seek this goal in order to "advance the evolution of humanity", the communists seek this goal in order to "advance the evolution of society", and the jihadis seek this goal in order to "unite the world in peace and righteousness". This is why they are working together. This is why a local protest can inspire global protests built on the same theme. It is not "planned", but that does not mean there is no planning behind it.

Collectivism holds its adherents to a single perspective. If communists take to the streets in New York to protest global banks and international industry, then communists around the world take up their placards in support. Likewise, if radical Muslims march on an embassy in protest to a "offense against the Prophet", then radical Muslims around the world also take up their placards and march. These protests then provide the cover for bombings and other violent attacks. These people are all united in their hatred of the freedom the rest of us take for granted. Power-hungry politicians, radical religious leaders, and even ambitious business leaders understand that these people exist and as a result they do everything in their power to both inspire them and twist the violence that results into a stronger power base for themselves.

There are two questions that everyone has failed to ask about the Cairo protest and the Benghazi embassy attack that launched the current round of global protests:
1. Who paid for video that inspired the attacks?
2. Who gave the authorization for it to be broadcast on Egyptian's national television channel?

True, that video alone is nothing. It is irrelevant. However, the person (or people) who paid for its production knew exactly how much trouble it would cause and that is why they funded it. Their plan was to use the video to inspire a protest that could then be used to advance their goal of limiting free speech and shutting down the open exchange of ideas. This was a calculated investment and if it had failed, they would have sponsored something else.

But of course, you'll want proof. Well, here's a funny thing. Absolutely nobody has noticed this interview by CNN's Nic Robertson which was broadcast the day before the Cairo protests: CNN Exclusive: Al Qaeda Leader's Brother Offers Peace Plan. I saw this video on the 10th. In the video, the prestaging for the next day's protest is visited and the Cairo protest is clearly announced along with its motivation, its intent, and the plan to invade the compound. The idiotic YouTube videos everyone is blaming for the protest were not mentioned even once! Events in Libya are hinted at by Mohammed al-Zawahiri, showing clear pre-knowledge that the Cairo protest was designed to cover and/or inspire protests in Libya and other "Arab Spring" countries, "and other actions".

When I saw the interview on the tenth I was horrified that CNN would be so overtly supportive of terrorist propaganda. When the Cairo protest overran the fences, tore down the American flag and raised the flag of Jihad I immediately thought of the interview I'd seen the day before. When the story broke about the attack in Benghazi it felt like someone had punched me in the gut. The interview was so blatant, and CNN so compliant. I felt personally betrayed by the producers of CNN. This is clearly an act of treason. Then, when absolutely no one in the media, not even Fox, referenced Nic Robertson's interview, hundreds of conspiracy theories began reeling through my mind. How could they be so blind? Unless of course, they were blind by intent. I have waited a full week for some responsible journalist to point to this interview but there has not been even a single reference to it!

This is a world war. This world war is four decades old. Make no mistake. Your future is being fought over. Simply by choosing who you believe you have already picked which side of this war you support.