October 15, 2012

Education must be realistic

CBS Minnesota: H.S. Yearbook Won't Include Student's Baby, Suicide Victim

This kind of thing really sticks in my craw. This decision, taken after consulting psychologists, is so blatantly delusional it's infuriating. On Facebook, one person commented, "Well, it's all a matter of personal perspective and interpretation."

Bullshit! The idea that these young people need to be protected from trauma is complete and total poppycock!

Reality is what it is and it is not open to interpretation. One young man committed suicide and a young woman had a baby. This is what real life is all about. This is what adulthood and personal responsibility mean. Both events should be recognized as the important, traumatic, life-changing experiences they were. Every student in that high school was impacted by these two events. These two events have changed how every single student in that school will set their life priorities and make important decisions from now until they die. To pretend that these two events did not occur is nothing short of delusional. It is completely and totally insane and it far past time for us to recognize that far too many delusional people are trying to control what we remember, how we remember it, and how we think.

This decision by this high school is no different from Pres. Obama's administration spending two full weeks denying Ambassador Stevens had been killed in a terrorist attack. There is no difference at all between the two decision making processes. Rather than simply letting the real world facts of a teenage mother who loves her baby and a teenage boy driven to suicide by the stresses of adolescence stand on their own as part of the memory of life in the 2012 school year, the school administration struggled for some way to create a "teachable moment". When they failed, they censored the yearbook. Pres. Obama's administration did exactly the same thing! When they failed to provide proper security and lost an American Ambassador for the first time in over three decades (along with three more Americans) they spent two weeks trying to pretend the entire debacle was the fault of a random YouTube video that no one in Libya had even seen!

Both of these events are direct, immediate failures to look at reality with clear eyes and accept it for what it is. Failure to face reality is delusional. Trying to "spin" reality is delusional. This kind of thinking is exactly why our modern world is flying apart at the seams. Far too many people in positions of responsibility suffer from this insane inability to take responsibility for their failures and/or to face reality head on and accept it for what it is. This kind of thinking is infantile, childish, self-destructive, and even worse, devastatingly destructive of society as a whole. If we cannot face reality then we cannot find realistic solutions to the problems we face. If we cannot find realistic solutions then those problems will destroy us. There is no exception to this simple natural law. Any species that cannot see reality and cannot adapt to the terrifying challenges it presents will go extinct.

Utopian idealism, whether Atheist, Marxist, Humanist, Neo-Animist, Traditionalist, Christian, or Islamic, is the core problem our world is facing. If we do not abandon this delusional thinking then we will vanish as completely as the Sumerians, the Akkadians, the Mayans, and every other civilization that has disappeared into the mists of time. The one difference is that our civilization is a genuinely global society. If we fail there will be no natural resources left for any survivors to exploit in order to build a new civilization! Our metals are almost depleted. Our energy sources are almost depleted. Our decorative metals and jewels are almost depleted. There is nothing left to rebuild from if we collapse into obscurity. Nothing but wood, grasses, and useless stones will be available to future generations if this generation does not start facing reality.

We need to get off this planet and find a new world to exploit. If we don't then we won't survive. Period. The only way to find a reliable way to cross the vast reaches of time and space required to find a new world is for us to think realistically, plan realistically, do realistic research, and develop realistic solutions. The only way for that to happen is for our education system to be built on the assumption that their primary goal is to create realistic thinkers who leave school with real-world skills that they can apply to developing real-world solutions.

This crazy idea that education is supposed to "perfect" humanity and that this "perfection" can only be reached by denying the darker aspects of human existence is foolish, delusional, and self-destructive. The idea that we can perfect ourselves is insane. The idea that we can perfect our society is insane. It is time to recognize that "progressive" thinking founded in "social justice" is nothing short of delusional and this delusional thinking is the core reason our society has fallen into massive drug abuse, violent youth movements, and a world filled with adults who will not take personal responsibility for their own lives. We can't perfect humanity and since humanity is all we have to work with we'd better figure out how to keep ourselves focused on the real world.

We are rapidly running out of time. If we do not start thinking realistically then in half a century or less we will learn firsthand that Thomas Malthus was an optimist.