November 26, 2012

The Scorpion and the Frog

There is an old fable, often attributed to Aesop, that goes like this:

Once upon a time there was a scorpion that needed to cross a river. Naturally, a scorpion cannot swim so he endeavored to find someone to take him across the river. He found a frog resting on a lily pad, approached him and asked, "Sir Frog, would you be so kind as to carry me across this river so that I might explore the other side?"

Now the frog was no fool. He knew the scorpion was the most untrustworthy of God's creations, and among the most deadly. "If I try to carry you across the river you will sting me and I will die."

"Not true, Sir Frog. For if I do, then I too shall drown."

The frog considered the scorpion's words carefully and could discern no deceit. For indeed it was true that should the scorpion attack him anywhere during his swim across the river they would both die. Trusting that the scorpion's own sense of self-preservation would protect him, he dove into the water, swam over to the bank, and invited the scorpion to climb up onto his back.

True to his word, the scorpion held off until the very mid-point of the river. Then, the frog felt the sharp jab of the scorpion's tail and almost immediately an unrelenting paralysis began to creep through his body. He could not work his legs, could not keep his lungs inflated, and felt his heart begin to fail.

With his last breath the frog cried out, "What have you done? You have killed us both!"

As they sank beneath the river the scorpion just had time to say, "I could not help myself. It is my nature."

I recently flew from Tokyo back to Ohio. I had two layovers along the way, one in Los Angeles for five and half hours as well as one in Atlanta for four and a half hours. As I traveled, I listened carefully to the conversations around me, took note of the magazines people were buying, and watched the kind of books they were reading. Despite ample inventory of conservative books in the airport bookstores, I did not see a single person browsing through them or buying them. "Woman's Day" and "Sports Illustrated" were being widely read, naturally, as well as multiple magazines with headlines praising the recent re-election victory of Barack Obama and promising a golden, glorious future under his inspired leadership. The articles I glanced through as well as the conversations I overheard were overwhelmingly messianic in their tone and content. A blind faith in the divine wisdom of Barack Obama's leadership was everywhere to be found. It was quite unnerving and made me grateful for my Kindle's ability to completely disguise the conservative title I was reading.

You see, it is not just the unrealistic and self-destructive nature of Barack Obama's political philosophy that disturbs me. Even more frightening is the worshipful attitude of every single supporter I encounter, the messianic tone of American media when they speak of him, and the blind faith so many have in his ability to bring them into paradise. Personality cults, it seems, are no longer the lone preserve of dysfunctional minor nations like North Korea and Iran. The United States of America has fallen under a messianic dream so powerful it would make Nehemiah Scudder green with jealousy.

So this morning when a video of Jamie Foxx at the Soul Train Awards calling Barack Obama "our lord and savior" began circulating through conservative networks it did not surprise me in the least. Honestly speaking, I have been expecting this kind of adulation for quite some time. It has become obvious to me that this is the direction the media was moving in. The mysterious, shadowy past of Barack Hussein Obama, a.k.a. "Barry Soetoro", has now shifted from a political convenience into fertile ground for the writing of myths and legends describing his rise to greatness. The great fear that Christian, conservative American voters would elect a demagogue who would bring a theocracy can now be discarded as the paranoid propaganda it always was. Lo and behold, it is those who feared theocracy the most that have now delivered us into one.

November 13, 2012

A thin ray of sunshine

The most important hour and a half of your year.

November 08, 2012

We don't need a new Republican Party

Take a look at this map:

The Republican Party does not need to change anything. We won everywhere it counts. The Republican base is completely intact across all its many variations and schisms. We lost in the big cities. The Democrats took the big cities because there are too many city people who believe it is the government's job to take care of them. Conservatism has never been popular in large population centers because city life is a life of dependency. You depend on the corner market and local restaurants for your food. You depend on your employer or the government (and sometimes both) for money to buy that food. You depend on buses and trains to get around. You depend on the police to protect you. You depend on the fire department to rescue you. Everything about city life is a life of dependency and dependency is exactly what President Obama and his supporters have been promising.

Urban Americans have become passive and dependent. They have lost their will to succeed, their drive to stand on their own two feet, and their ability to think for themselves. That is why the Tea Party enjoys such huge popularity in the countryside and cannot get established beyond a few dozen people in the major cities. It's not about race, or immigration, or women's rights. It's about dependency vs. self-sufficiency. People living in America's cities cannot imagine taking care of themselves, defending themselves against criminal predators, or being vigilant about the safety of their apartment or condominium. They assume someone else will be responsible for all of the most basic aspects of life while they are free to experiment with alternative lifestyles in search of something that is non-existent in the real world: self-actualization.

Dependent people have very little genuine challenge in their life. They are obsessed with petty problems and minor hiccups in their interpersonal relationships. They tend to be narcissistic and self-absorbed. This is why "Survivor", "Jersey Shore", and other such idiocy is so popular with urban viewers. The hypersensitivity to personal insult and imagined slights is part and parcel of their daily life because they have no genuine challenges to face. This is also why they are drawn to the idea of big government. Big government promises to solve their petty problems so they themselves will be free to explore their "higher nature". Unfortunately, the entire concept of "higher nature" or "spiritual evolution" or "enlightenment" or whatever you want to call it is completely false. It does not exist and it cannot be achieved. The only way to experience it is to realize that you individually control your own destiny and the only way to achieve that realization is to face great challenges and overcome them.

You cannot face great challenges when you depend on the local grocery store for your food, the local McDonald's for your lunch, the local police for your self-defense, and the local fire department to enforce safety standards in your home. You cannot face great challenges if you spend your free time smoking marijuana, attending raves, getting drunk and seeking out casual sexual encounters. You cannot achieve "self-actualization" by spending your life in self-absorbed pursuit of personal pleasure. The only thing you can experience by living in this manner is dependency, depression, and failure. This I know from firsthand experience.

There is no solution to this problem. As Americans become more dissolute and more dependent on others for their basic needs they will fall into the same trap that has plagued royalty and aristocracy for the past five thousand years. Almost no one born into a life of dependency ever overcomes the limitations of that life. They are taught by their parents, their teachers, their leaders, and their favorite entertainment venues that the hollowness inside them is not a result of failing to take charge of their own life. Rather, that emptiness is the result of an unresolved "need" to achieve "self-actualization" and when asked to define "self-actualization" they are provided an equally vague concept such as "becoming a genuine human" or "taking the next step in your spiritual evolution". Empty promises to fill an emotional void created by the individual's own inability to take charge of their personal life and work toward their own destiny.

"Destiny" does imply some kind of grand achievement such as becoming a movie star or becoming president. Although those are worthwhile goals involving incredible challenge, the simple fact of the matter is very few people can achieve those goals no matter how hard they try. For the vast majority of us, it would be impossible to become someone famous. However, that does not mean we don't have the potential to achieve anything at all. We can master a trade and we can learn to serve others rather than depend on them. Instead of hanging out with gang members and smoking marijuana, we can get a minimum wage job, go to night school, and learn a more marketable skill such as accounting, business management, or gourmet cooking. It does not matter which trade we find ourselves in, and it matters even less if we enjoy that trade. Self-sufficiency comes from mastering the challenges we face regardless of whether or not we like those challenges.

A career at McDonald's is still a career. If you take advantage of the internal educational opportunities McDonald's provides, learn to take pride in making popular food in a fast, efficient manner, master the skills needed to run the register, keep the books, and turn a profit, then you have achieved a destiny just as important as any rock star, politician, or famous scholar. The important part is that you yourself have taken charge of your own destiny and learned to stand on your own two feet. Once you achieve a level of self-sufficiency, a vigilant awareness of your surroundings, and a personal record of small successes, then you will understand the difference between conservatism and dependency.

It's not a matter of the Republican Party changing its approach. The problem is the American people huddled in our stinking, decaying cities. Those people need to remember who they are and what they can achieve simply by breaking the chains of inherited dependency and reaching for their own destiny, regardless of where that destiny takes them. Until the people in America's urban centers stand on their own two feet and take charge of their own destinies, conservatism will continue to decline and Democratic slavery will continue to expand.

No outside force can free a slave. The slave must rise up, break their own chains, and free themselves. If an outside force frees a slave, that slave will simply exchange one set of chains for another. This is what has happened in America's inner cities. Poor whites, poor blacks, illegal immigrants from a variety of countries, and countless others have learned to live as serfs, dependent on the local political machine for their daily bread and their own self-defense. As a result, they have neither safety nor security. They have traded their freedom for food stamps and iPhones and they are dependent on the holders of their chains.

November 06, 2012

Congratulations America, you just committed suicide

I am watching the election returns state by state, county by county, and there is no way Mitt Romney can win in Ohio and Florida. The election is more or less over. There is a very slim chance I am wrong, but betting on wildcards is a sure way to lose.

The exit polls are very revealing. Democratic race-baiting, sexist insistence a woman is only a vagina and a baby machine, and outright lies have been fed through the mass media and convinced just over half of the American people that Barack Obama is still the messiah who will lead them to a utopian world where no one works and everyone lives in luxury. This is so delusional I cannot grasp how any sane adult could actually buy into such thinking. And yet, apparently 51-53% of the American people are firm believers in unicorns, fairy godmothers, and leprechaun gold at the end of every lane. Because that is what Barack Obama has been promising them ever since he appeared on scene in 2006.

Granted, at first, I was quite smitten with him as well. By the time the 2008 election rolled around my mind was filled with doubts and second guesses. By the end of his first year in office I could plainly see through the false glamour he held up to the world and into the dark heart of a man who believed he was God's own messiah sent down to earth to redeem the poor, free the oppressed, and destroy the rich. If he and his friends got rich in the process, well, that was only their just due for saving the rest of us from our sins.

Within twelve months the American economy will collapse. The gulf between rich and poor will become completely insurmountable and there will be no more middle class. Millions of small businesses across this country will be bankrupt and their assets confiscated. Most homeowners will lose their homes and poor people from our decaying inner cities will be moved into the abandoned homes. Faced with social turmoil and a complete inability to pay its own bills, the American government led by Barack Obama and Valerie Jarret will become oppressive and dictatorial, operating as if the Constitution did not exist all the while claiming they are working within its limits.

You have killed yourself America. You have chosen to follow a man dedicated to transforming you into an impoverished historic footnote by shipping your wealth off to central Africa, Southern Egypt, and other nations that have been unable and unwilling to modernize their education systems and abandon Nineteenth Century thinking. Instead of progress and modernization, within two years you find you have been effectively reduced to feudalism with Democratic overlords telling you to shut up and be content with the scraps they throw you.

I cannot and will not forgive you this stupidity. I love my homeland more than life itself. I will not quietly submit to tyranny and monarchy. I will not quietly sit by and watch Barack Obama and his supporters dismantle her.

Welcome to World War Three and Armageddon. You have now made them both inevitable.

November 05, 2012

One more day to the Presidential Election

And now we're in the home stretch. In 48 hours the world will know if Barack Obama can hold onto power as the President of the United States or if January will see him put out to pasture. Should he lose, the question arises whether he will go quietly and become an congenial ex-President like Bill Clinton, a silent ex-President like G.W. Bush, or a constant pain in the neck who spends his life walking a razor's edge of violating the Logan Act like Jimmy Carter. Funny, isn't it, how the greatest failures spend so much time after they leave power trying to prove they are still relevant while the men who stepped up the plate, made the hard decisions, and took the consequences good or bad on their own shoulders drift quietly into retirement?

If you are an American citizen over the age of eighteen then I hope you have registered to vote. If you have registered to vote, then I hope Tuesday will find you at the polls letting your voice be heard. The plight of the people on the East Coast, devastated by hurricane Sandy, breaks my heart. If I were there I would be doing everything in my power to help my neighbors make it to the polls, both those who agree with me and those who don't. Everyone who is registered to vote deserves to have their voice heard and I pray that those who have transportation are going out of their way to help their neighbors. Self-reliance and cooperation in the face of adversity is what has always marked the American as different from any other citizen of any other country in the world. Other countries might talk about cooperation, but we have always been the people who were so busy living it we didn't have time to talk about it.

For what it's worth, here's my prediction of how it will wind up:

(296 Romney, 242 Obama)