November 06, 2012

Congratulations America, you just committed suicide

I am watching the election returns state by state, county by county, and there is no way Mitt Romney can win in Ohio and Florida. The election is more or less over. There is a very slim chance I am wrong, but betting on wildcards is a sure way to lose.

The exit polls are very revealing. Democratic race-baiting, sexist insistence a woman is only a vagina and a baby machine, and outright lies have been fed through the mass media and convinced just over half of the American people that Barack Obama is still the messiah who will lead them to a utopian world where no one works and everyone lives in luxury. This is so delusional I cannot grasp how any sane adult could actually buy into such thinking. And yet, apparently 51-53% of the American people are firm believers in unicorns, fairy godmothers, and leprechaun gold at the end of every lane. Because that is what Barack Obama has been promising them ever since he appeared on scene in 2006.

Granted, at first, I was quite smitten with him as well. By the time the 2008 election rolled around my mind was filled with doubts and second guesses. By the end of his first year in office I could plainly see through the false glamour he held up to the world and into the dark heart of a man who believed he was God's own messiah sent down to earth to redeem the poor, free the oppressed, and destroy the rich. If he and his friends got rich in the process, well, that was only their just due for saving the rest of us from our sins.

Within twelve months the American economy will collapse. The gulf between rich and poor will become completely insurmountable and there will be no more middle class. Millions of small businesses across this country will be bankrupt and their assets confiscated. Most homeowners will lose their homes and poor people from our decaying inner cities will be moved into the abandoned homes. Faced with social turmoil and a complete inability to pay its own bills, the American government led by Barack Obama and Valerie Jarret will become oppressive and dictatorial, operating as if the Constitution did not exist all the while claiming they are working within its limits.

You have killed yourself America. You have chosen to follow a man dedicated to transforming you into an impoverished historic footnote by shipping your wealth off to central Africa, Southern Egypt, and other nations that have been unable and unwilling to modernize their education systems and abandon Nineteenth Century thinking. Instead of progress and modernization, within two years you find you have been effectively reduced to feudalism with Democratic overlords telling you to shut up and be content with the scraps they throw you.

I cannot and will not forgive you this stupidity. I love my homeland more than life itself. I will not quietly submit to tyranny and monarchy. I will not quietly sit by and watch Barack Obama and his supporters dismantle her.

Welcome to World War Three and Armageddon. You have now made them both inevitable.