December 24, 2012

CCW Stopped the Oregon Mall Shooter

Remember this: 3 Dead in Oregon Mall Shooting

Have you ever wondered why he shot himself after killing two people? It turns out his gun jammed and at that point he was confronted by a man with a concealed carry permit.
The Right Perspective: Gun Owner Confronted Oregon Mall Shooter

The lesson to be learned here is simple: an armed citizen stopped a psychopath intent on killing as many people as possible and in doing so, saved countless lives.

Here are two highly relevant petitions at
Deport Piers Morgan
Implement the NRA School Shield Program

And, as long as I'm on the subject, it turns out that Great Britain the "success story" lauded constantly by Piers Morgan, the Brady Campaign, and everyone else who supports tyranny by disarming citizens is the most violent country in Europe, and one of the most violent in the world. That "gun ban" is not working out so well for them.
Daily Mail: Britain is Most Violent Country in Europe