December 27, 2012

Humbug 2012

My annoyance meter began filling up a few days before Christmas when two things happened:
1. Someone sent me a link to a two-hour long conspiracy movie called "Thrive"
2. Piers Morgan blasted John Lott, Jr. on CNN with an anti-gun rant that did not contain a single real-world fact

Since then radicals right and left have appeared out of nowhere blasting their silliness all over the internet and the airwaves. I can't turn on any of the news channels without encountering some idiotic talking head spouting imaginary facts and figures to support whichever side of whatever equation they pretend to be qualified to argue about. What happened to news? You know, real news about people in trouble, people hit by terrible weather, earthquakes, tidal waves, street protests, and so on? For the past week or so the Wayne County Sheriff's Facebook account has been a better source of real news than all of the 24/7 news channels combined. I've seen more pure, unadulterated propaganda over the past week than all of the hours and hours of old movie reels I had to sit through in four years of history studies at Sophia University. Instead of "news channels" they ought be honest and label themselves, "official opinion guidance outlets".

Yeah, I know. I'm overreacting and ranting like a madman. It's been that kind of a week. I am fifty-one years old and I've had many Christmas holidays where I allied with Scrooge far more than Bob Cratchit. 2012 is just the most recent.