December 21, 2012

NRA Proposes a Real Solution

The NRA held a news conference today, exactly one week after 27 people were slaughtered in Newtown, Connecticut by a lunatic with stolen guns. Their solution is not new, but the framework they are providing for it is new. They are offering to teach schools how to improve their physical security and how to organize a volunteer force of security personnel from the surrounding community. The NRA will pay for the consultation and will provide experts to guide the school through the process. Here is the website for their new program: NRA National School Shield

To my way of thinking, this is a genuine solution that if implemented, will improve the safety and security of our schools. There are risks, of course. After all, someone will be responsible for controlling the firearms stored on campus and for approving the volunteers who serve as security. I have no doubt that in 99% of the cases every school that implements this program will provide a safer environment for children to learn in. I can also guarantee that somewhere in the nation there will one or two schools where the system provides the tools for an insane person to kill those children.

Nonetheless, the answer being proposed by the NRA is far safer, far more comprehensive, and far more rational than increased gun control, bringing back the misnamed "Assault Weapons Ban", or attempting to write yet another a law designed to prevent insane people from getting their hands on firearms. Such laws are doomed to fail. If reduced personal freedom and increased government interference in daily life is the solution the federal government pursues than there will be many more massacres like the ones at Shady Hook Elementary School, Columbine High School, Virginia Tech, and so on. The only way to minimize these tragedies is to pursue the NRA solution or something similar. It will not eliminate them entirely. I'm sorry, but there is no utopia this side of heaven and there is no realistic way to eliminate violent psychosis and the damage it inflicts on our society. The only realistic response to the very real problem of violent lunatics with guns is trained security personnel armed with the best firearms available. Those trained security personnel can be teachers, uniformed guards, uniformed police, or community volunteers. It does not matter where they come from. The key is careful selection and continuous training.

I wish every school in America would take advantage of the NRA School Shield program. Sadly, they won't. Very few of them will. Because they won't, there will be many more school massacres, more children shot down by insane men with illegal firearms, and more shrill calls for repealing or gutting the Second Amendment and transforming free, sovereign American citizens into serfs, peasants, and slaves.