December 14, 2012

Renewing the assault weapon ban will not help

I hate that it has become necessary to make this kind of post in the midst of the Christmas season. Nonetheless, as President Obama and his allies prepare to dance in the blood of children in order to propagandize their desire for total control over the American people by taking away their freedom to own firearms the truth must be brought into the cold light of day.

This story is a terrible tragedy:
Police respond to active shooter at Connecticut school

It also immediately calls to mind another terrible tragedy at another school:
Beslan school hostage crisis

Russia has long had extremely strict controls over civilian ownership of firearms. That did not stop a band of terrorists from taking over a school, lining it with explosives, and eventually killing over three hundred people, including over a hundred and fifty children. The tragedy in Connecticut is a terrible loss of innocent life. I cannot comprehend the depth of insanity an individual must sink to in order to walk into an elementary school in full battle dress and slaughter unarmed school teachers and their students. Granted, his ability to purchase semi-automatic weapons and the ammunition for those weapons helped him achieve his horrifying goal, there are tens of millions of similar weapons in the hands of law-abiding Americans who would never use those weapons against innocent people. It is unfair, and stupidly unrealistic, to assume that strict gun control laws such as those in Russia would have had any impact at all on the events that unfolded in Connecticut today.

In Israel, teachers who have licenses to carry concealed weapons are encouraged to carry those weapons at work. This is a far more realistic solution to limiting and preventing these kinds of mass shootings. The only real-world method that has been proven effective in thwarting the designs of murderers, terrorists, and other malcontents is greater proliferation of private citizens who are armed, trained, and prepared to use those firearms in defense of themselves, their families and other innocents. The first line of defense in any violent confrontation is always the intended victim. If that victim has the means and the wherewithal to rise to the occasion and destroy the predator threatening them then the incident will be over before it even begins.

Armed staff and teachers could have prevented the tragedy at Beslan. Armed staff and teachers could have prevented the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Armed citizens are the only genuinely effective means for preventing and discouraging insane people from taking the lives of innocent people.


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