January 23, 2013

Law Enforcement Against Gun Control

There is a page on Facebook that I was referred to recently called "Law Enforcement Against Gun Control". The people who set it up and maintain it do so anonymously. They have to. In many cases their careers would be over if their superiors discovered they are pro-Second Amendment supporters of civilian firearm use. My father was a police officer for most of his professional life. My brother-in-law is an FBI agent. I spent four years in the United States Army. People who spend their days focused on these issues have a worldview and a vocabulary that is unmistakable. People whose entire concept of law enforcement is driven by Hollywood and popular television dramas, on the other hand, have a completely different worldview and vocabulary. It is very easy to distinguish between the two. I mention this because some people out there are certain to point that the anonymous aspect of the "Law Enforcement Against Gun Control" page might also mean it is fake. I'm very certain the people behind this page are genuine law enforcement professionals.

Yesterday, they asked what their readers felt front-line law enforcement could do to help advance the Second Amendment. This is important to them because they are the ones who will be faced with the task of confiscating AR15/AK47 clones and other "assault weapons" should Sen. Dianne Feinstein's new bill make it to President Obama's desk. The president has already said he is eager to sign this bill into law. This was my answer:


An honest question that deserves an honest answer.

If President Obama and his supporters succeed, then many of you will die attempting to confiscate firearms from those who previously were law-abiding citizens. It seems to me that anyone who works in law enforcement is facing a far more difficult choice than the rest of us: do you risk your career now by speaking out and joining pro-Second Amendment advocacy groups or do you risk your lives later enforcing unconstitutional laws?

This will be far more serious than even the dangers and stresses you currently face because many of the "criminals" the current administration is trying to label as such are just as well trained as you are, and in some cases, even more highly trained than you are.

First you need to determine how your department's administration and political overseers feel. They will be the first line of allies you will need on your side, or perhaps the first set of enemies you will have to either convert or overcome. "Mayors Against Illegal Guns", numerous "Fraternal Order of Police" groups, and so on. As long as these groups are supporting the anti-Second Amendment crowd then President Obama controls the single most important PR tool available in this fight. If your chain of command does not speak for you, then you must make that known through letters to the editor of the local paper, call-ins to the local radio talk shows, social networking activities like this Facebook wall, etc. Make sure your chain of command knows that if you are sent to confiscate guns from people who up until now have been law-abiding citizens you will not comply.

Second, contact any local, state, or national representatives who are pro-Second Amendment. Make yourself available to speak at their rallies, townhalls, and campaign stops. Become part of their political machine. Use whatever free time you have to participate in official activities where the voters can see that at least some real law enforcement personnel are on their side even if the mayor, the chief, and the other administrators are not.

It is a hard thing to ask, but if we lose in the political arena it will be even harder.

Third, become an active trainer in your community. Start up an armed self-defense class, volunteer at other people's armed self-defense classes, be available to the local CCW instructors both as a consultant and as an expert instructor in the legal aspect of CCW training. Be someone in an official capacity that your neighbors and curious onlookers know can be trusted to give accurate, real-world information and advice on armed self-defense and legal rights/responsibilities in an armed self-defense situation. Be the people's ally and trusted adviser.

Fourth, and perhaps most important of all, locate everyone in your organization who supports the Second Amendment, band together, and form a solid wall against those elements in your organization who do not support civilian firearm ownership and use. Stand together now and maybe together you can exert enough pressure to insure that you never have to face the possibility of an armed engagement with someone whose only crime was a firm belief in the vision of our nation's founding fathers.

But that's just my take on it. It is cold, hard, and there is no good end in sight, but this is how I see it.